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Post  Dwlr on Wed Mar 20, 2013 8:08 pm

For me personally it is a dark day indeed as I feel that Gears multiplayer experience has been ruined, trying to keep that prejudice aside I'll try to just list the changes and let you decide.

First off they limit the weapons to 2 that means if you want a pistol it will take one of your two weapon slots and the snub pistol is generally inferior to any other weapon you could have that's not such a big deal for campaign, but it has quite an impact on multiplayer. The also removed the signature horde mode the DBNO status in most multiplayers. You can now pick a grenade type as your load out in standard versus. Overrun is forced class mode and .'. lacks customization of loadouts and even of characters, but it's essentially beast mode with one team playing the COG and the other playing the Locust. Survival mode was an attempt to replace Horde mode but it suffers from the forced class system meaning no ammo pickups at all requiring a soldier to keep everybody in ammo forcing somebody to either play as a soldier or encouraging suicidal tactics just to get ammo back which is pretty obnoxious as you won't want to die as that eats away time that you need to be defending the cover or generator. The way it's setup it's essentially Overrun versus ai Locust with less restriction on the enemies as in they can have far more than 5 enemies on the field.

The Good
- The Campaign is relatively unchanged from the standard of Gears past
- Declassified Mission keep some areas fresh and unique
- Overrun is a nice addition of a game mode being firmly different than traditional modes
- More loadout options to start out with barring the choice of picking a shotgun and a rifle

The Bad
- Removal of Horde
- Only 2 weapons for versus
- Survival Mode is too reliant on the Soldier Class to maintain survivability
- DBNO status is removed from versus modes barring a few special exceptions
- Versus is now CoG vs CoG
- there is a severe lack of characters
- Prize packs make getting your favorite skins a pain

Gears of War Judgement even with the campaign being on par with the others in the Gears series is the worst Gears, I give it a 7/10. If I'm judging the campaign and multiplayer separately the campaign would merit an 8/10 falling short of the other Gear campaigns, and the multiplayer overall would get a generous 6/10 since Gears 3 is still available for Horde and standard versus so you can just use Judgement for Overrun which is a pretty fun mode despite it getting old pretty quickly, the lack of maps also hurts multiplayer quite a bit.

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