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Fire Emblem Awakening Child Pairings Empty Fire Emblem Awakening Child Pairings

Post  Dwlr on Tue Feb 11, 2014 9:47 pm

Pairing recommendations assume keeping native classes i.e. one of the two promoted classes the base class can promote into, special mentions are noted. Exploits aren't included nor is it factoring in DLC and StreetPass, Avatars are just factored in for Morgan (M) and Morgan (F) and not listed on existing characters lists.
1. Sumia
2. Olivia
3. Mariabelle
All 3 choices can allow Galeforce and Mariabelle can allow Lifetaker where Olivia and Sumia cannot, but Mariabelle is magic geared so throw her at the bottom since you can find other skills to fill out Lucina. Olivia passes the arguable 'better' stats gaining strength where Sumia gains 0, but Lucina is Swordmaster esque with her Great Lord class hitting a 44 max base speed so 5 speed allows her to hit 49 base speed vs Olvia's 47. 2 Speed is enough to get double attacks (assuming max base stats) Berserker, Trickster, Falcon Knight, and Valkyrie. 2 Str is negligible as you can supplement it with better weapons, and if Aether triggers it's pretty much a kill on anything regardless. The main reason not to use Olivia is for the sake of Inigo and the fact that Sumia doesn't have many marriage options and none of them are 'good' for a Falcon Knight save Henry and Gaius, Gaius is definitely better used elsewhere and Henry just brings Lifetaker more or less and you can get by using Renewal if you want healing given the high Res Falcon Knight have.

1. Chrom
2. Gaius
3. Henry

Chrom allows Cynthia to change into a Bow Knight for Bow Breaker, gives decent stats, and passes Aether. Gaius provides +6 speed and no wasted stats on Magic. Henry grants Lifetaker and Vengeance at a 98% max activation rate. Gaius at the very least is better used elsewhere so the main options really are Chrom or Henry.

1. Virion
2. Lon'Qu
3. Ricken

Virion allows for 49 speed (IMO the bare minimum you want on a Swordsmaster), Lancebreaker, and Lifetaker. Lon'qu gives you the highest speed Owain can obtain which is a pitiable +4 considering and otherwise passes good Swordsmaster stats, well as good as you can given Lissa's poor passed stats, he also gives you Lancebreaker which is fairly useful to a Swordsmaster. Since Owain is pretty 'bad' anyway given the mother being magic and him being physical, but you can build him like a magical character, slap a Levin Sword on him and he does make one of the best candidates for effective Levin Sword use, at the same time you get Lifetaker, Dual Guard +, If your purpose is to go the magic route on an otherwise physical unit Magic +2 becomes an acceptable skill to use where otherwise it'd be considered pretty weak, but a support role is best for Owain given his nature so I build him as such and choose Dual Guard +, Lifetaker and Galeforce by default making it less of a loss if you need to switch to him but still providing good pairing support Ricken has all these things and is my top choice if you aren't using him to make a high magic mage elsewhere.

1. Frederick
2. Virion
3. Vaike

Frederick is my top choice passing solid stats, Luna, Dual Gaurd +, and Swordbreaker. Olivia has naturally worse overall stats so Inigo is naturally worse as a child so I tend to use him as a support character with Axes which take the accuracy hit well with a Hero class having 50 Skill in this case and with Swordbreaker you can even hit Sword users with them. If you want a frontline Inigo because he gets access to Galeforce from Olivia Frederick passes 3 Str and 2 Def without causing an speed loss. Virion passes Lifetaker and great stat bonuses for a Mercenary, but you might have other plans for him, if you don't you'll end up with a powerful skill set, +4 Skl and +4 Spd which isn't bad all things considered for Olivia's child. If you want to optimize Inigo as a frontline unit and have plans for Virion you needn't look any farther than Vaike, passing +3 Skill, +3 Spd, and +4 Str, but little in the way of skills. Honarable mention is Lon'Qu passing 5 Skl, 5 Spd, and 1 Str with Swordbreaker, but he's too valuable for Olivia IMO.

1. Libra
2. Gregor
3. Frederick

Libra doesn't see much use a father,but he makes a decent enough one to Brady. He passes minimal skills and the stats aren't amazing. Notably among the skills is Vengeance which makes it worth using Libra and the stats are fine if you make a Sage Brady, but War Cleric seems more natural if you're hung up on canon classes and if you do that you lose Str and Def both, Vengeance will help and you can get Galeforce, Lifetaker, and Vengeance or a myriad of support skills especially if you forgo Galeforce you can pass Dual Support+ which is tempting if you plan on using a War Monk class as he's hard to optimize for that class no matter who Maribelle marries. Gregor has some decent uses outside of Maribelle, but if he should find himself unused and you want a War Monk he passes some useful things. Gregor will pass Vantage, Axefaire, Counter and you don't lose any Str. Frederick gives decent stats comparitively for a War Cleric, losing no Str and no Def, but the real prize is that Brady can now get Swordbreaker and when you only have a single class of weapons to attack with it's a good idea to cover your counter doubly so with the already inaccurate Axes.

1. Donnel
2. Gaius
3. Vaike

Sully is one of the parents that can't pass Galeforce to their daughter making the father pass the ability to become a Peg Knight. Donnel and Gaius are the two options to pass it with Sully making them stand clear above the other options. Kjelle really gets screwed by Sully, you have no Lifetaker, Renewel, Sol, or even Relief for self healing so in addition to Galeforce you probably want one of those. Donnel passes the best option while not costing Galeforce IMO which is Renewel, luckily Donnel also gives Spd improvements to help an otherwise slow Kjelle, but it's not really enough just letting General Kjelle hit 37 speed, but skills and natural defenses are there to help against the weaker classes that will get double-strikes. Gaius can pass Sol for active healing along with Galeforce which is entirely viable, but doubling up active skills is a waste so you may find yourself not wanting to take a damage based skill which hurts output alot, with Gaius however you become one of the fastest generals available at +5 Spd which puts you at 40 enough to avoid getting double attacked by just about every class at their maximum base stats which is pretty cool still below Donnel due to skill options for me. Vaike is really last string of the parents I'm willing to use on Kjelle, you pass the ability to get Sol herself by passing the Mercenary class so you can inherit a male only skill from Vaike himself. My inclination is to take Wrath with active healing it's well within reason that you will spend some time below 50% health and your natural defense makes it less dangerous to do so or since support units can crit you can forego healing all-together and run it on a support Kjelle where you don't have to worry about poor speed and Vaike gives good Str and Skl, but if you do use her as a main unit +4 speed is still pretty good it's just without Galeforce.

1. Stahl
2. Lon'Qu
3. Vaike

Cordelia passes Lifetaker and Galeforce to complete the Trinity you just need Vantage. Stahl and Lon'Qu will both pass Vantage. Stahl grants access to Luna which may be worth the slight hit to Skl and Spd compared to Lon'Qu and if you like Vengeance it's still 100% activation. Stahl isn't completely worse than Lon'Qu statswise he passes more Strength and Defense. Lon'Qu passes Vantage as mentioned, +6 Spd, and +6 Skl, less importantly you get access to Swordbreaker so you can have an advantage against any weapon within the triangle despite only have 2 weapon classes as a native Hero, the best damage active skill you get with Lon'Qu is Astra which is powerful but usually overkill so Luna or Vengeance is really preferred IMO. Vaike is the final option and it's just for stats really, Cordelia and Vaike have increases and decreases in the same stats (the values aren't the same) so you can emphasize all the natural gains Severa should have that being Str, Skl and Spd. Vaike makes the strongest Severa Str wise and makes Luna available.

1. Frederick
2. Stahl
3. Kellam

Gerome can't get Galeforce which as a child automatically causes me to put him as a support character so I'm looking for appropriate support skills above all then looking at Str and Skl for Dual Strike ability. Frederick comes out on top for create support units passing 2 in Str, Skl, and Def and losing in 2 stats that don't matter on a support unit, Mag and Spd. With Defender, Dual Guard, Luna with a passed Dual Support + from Cherche Gerome makes a more than capable support unit. Stahl provides more of the same that Frederick does, but without the cost of Spd making him a slightly better father for a lead unit than Frederick tends to be. Kellam provides good stats for a support unit, but misses out on Defender compared to Frederick and Stahl.

Morgan (F)
1. Nah
2. Children
3. Nowi

Morgan can get higher stats if you Avatar marries a child character, but really shines when she comes from a Nah. (Nowi x Kellam) A purely defensive Nah spawns a Female Morgan that has the potential to be virtually unkillable due to staggering defense modifiers if you Avatar has Def asset. The other children characters result in slightly more overall stats and the Grandmaster class is good enough. Tiki has +5 overal stats making her 'better' statwise than your avatar, but Nowi's distribution is more favorable IMO so my 3rd choice goes to Nowi to allow a defensive Manakete Morgan while affecting Nah as well.

Morgan (M)
1. Chrom
2. Yarne
3. Children

If you have a female avatar you'd be remiss not to marry Chrom, this is the only way a female avatar can affect 2 children and I'd argue that Lucina is one of the better children to help since Chrom's other marriage options aren't ideal and Lucina being a Great Lord innately has certain advantages. The main disadvantage of marrying Chrom is the stats he can pass, but he'll always produce a Morgan with Rightful King which combined with Ignis results in easy OHKO. Both Lucina and Morgan get to handpick their skills. Honestly the greatest benefit to marrying Chrom is that you can use Chrom as a support unit instead of a lead unit which Chrom despite being the Lord is fairly weak if used as a main unit comparitively. The second option if you want to focus more on Morgan is Yarne, Yarne is the only way to get Morgan into a special class and Yarne being a child himself will result in higher than normally possible stats for Morgan. Taguel isn't nearly as good as Manaketes and I'd even argue that it's not worth using over alot of the standard classes, but Yarne is also capable of being the strongest overall child a female avatar can marry to produce the strongest overall Morgan. Like the female Morgan if you get past the special classes the only thing to worry about is overall stats and you can pass 2 female exclusive skills if you really wanted to as a Male Child could have a female skill from their parent. Lucina's brother will always pass Rightful King so it's possible to get a Morgan with Rightful King that can get an S rank with Lucina all while having better stats than if Morgan came directly from a marriage to Chrom.

1. Lon'Qu
2. Stahl
3. Gregor

Yarne gets screwed in skill options, but Panne has +5 overall stats so good a bad there. Marrying Lon'Qu makes a +7 Spd Taguel which with a Beaststone+ can double attack anything's max base stats and then some. Since Taguel's have limited Str caps, their Beaststone+ doesn't give much Str, and the stone itself is just 10 attack you can find yourself feeling a bit weak so in this case Astra might be a good choice over Luna, with +6 Skl you get a pretty decent activation rate with a 46 Skl max before the Beaststone+ bonuses (+8 Skl from Beaststone+). If you want Luna instead of Astra Stahl's the way to go. Stahl gives boosts to Str, Skl, and Def and doesn't hurt anything really important to a Taguel so the stats make sense, in terms of skills he brings 18 skills including all the things neccasary to turn Yarne into a strong supporting unit which would be my personal preference anyway. If he's staying a lead unit however Luna or Astra are both there so you have the option to see them in practice and then pick your preference, and at 30 Res with limited skill options and a high Skl stat you might find yourself wanting Aegis and Stahl brings that where Lon'Qu doesn't. Depending on what you value Gregor can make a run at being an optimized choice providing Strength and Skill without hurting Speed while giving you a little Defense. Gregor offers the unique Vantage and Sol combo if you don't want to use Astra, or ofcourse brings Astra if you want it and have already used Lon'Qu elsewhere. Armsthrift can be helpful if you're tight on funds to keep yourself in Beaststone+s as the regular Beaststone is considerable drop. Patience and Avoid +10 with the high Speed of a Taguel makes for a very elusive target if you want to bank on a little luck.

1. Ricken
2. Henry
3. Libra

Ricken is the highest Magic modifier, but also gets Luna, Dual Guard + and Defender to use as a support mage seeing as you can't pass Galeforce, but can pass Dual Support+. To make effective use of Laurent as a support unit the best choice is a non-native class Noire pairing otherwise a Female Morgan that uses a Grandmaster class will work well too, but you can use him as an alt damage foregoing useful pairing stat bonuses from the Sage which grants mostly Mag. Henry and Libra are about equal giving the same +5 Mag and niether of them give incredibly useful skills, Henry doesn't lose any Strength and can make a good magic geared Dark Knight if you so I place him over Libra for that since if you're going a sage you almost definitely want Ricken.

1. Gaius
2. Donnel
3. Henry

Gaius gives Galeforce and Vantage together and you can get Lifetaker naturally so the 3 major skills I look for are only obtainable with Gaius. Donnel grants Galeforce, but no Vantage. Henry grants high Magic for use with a Levin Sword if you want to go the Bow Knight route considering Tharja gives +3 magic herself it's a pretty interesting option trading stats for damage diversity and range diversity, that said Noire is best suited for the DLC class Bride IMO.

1. Gaius
2. Donnel
3. Kellam

Gaius like with Tharja allows for the trinity of Galeforce, Lifetaker, and Vantage. Donnel once again grants Galeforce. Kellam is an interesting option sacrificing fairly substantial ammount of Spd in favor of a Nah that can reach very high Def and Res for use as a counterattacking wall, but it can't compare to granting Galeforce really.

'Natural' pairings these pairing give you the most bang for your buck while attempting to keep to the hair colors of the children and sometimes the personalities.

1. Chrom x Avatar (F) or Chrom x Maiden - If you look at the official art Morgan's hair color is black you actually get that color by marrying Chrom, if you have a Male Avatar letting Chrom marry the Maiden will keep you from causing any other children to have Chrom's Hair. (The Maiden isn't as bad as people think offers similar stats to Olivia trading some speed and skill for defense, but overall Olivia and the Maiden are equal minus the classes and the fact that a Inigo from Chrom gets Luna)

2. Lissa x Vaike - You not only get the hair color Owain should have Vaike's personality seems to fit with Owain.

3. Maribelle x Libra - Libra is the only other blonde and they fit pretty well.

4. Olivia x Virion - Virion's personality is apparent in Inigo and the hair color matches the official art.

5. Sully x Donnel - Kjelle's hair is a shade of brown, so you might aswell use Donnel for a better Kjelle with Galeforce

6. Panne x Henry - The white tuft like on the official art is only obtainable through Henry, though he will look purple-ish in his confession

7. Cordelia x Gregor - Gregor and Ricken have the same hair color, Gregor is just better for Severa and explains the Mercenary starting class.

8. Miriel x Ricken - Ricken is the only with red hair left.

9. Sumia x Frederick - Brown haired Cynthia it's a tad darker than the official, but it's the closest by far.

10. Tharja x Lon'Qu - Your Options are Kellam or Lon'qu to get Noire's dark hair, Lon'Qu brings more skills and the Assassin

11. Cherche x Gaius - You're left with brown or orange for Gerome you can't get the official hair color without the avatar and you can't get close without Gregor or Ricken. Stahl is the closest you can get to green hair for Nah, so Gaius gets paired with Cherche.

12. Nowi x Stahl - Closest match it has a hint of green in it, but looks brown most of the time still any brown hair is going to look close.

13. Avatar (M) x Lucina - If you want to get black haired Morgan you have to get yourself in the royal family somehow, marry Lucina and you get black haired Morgan and off a Second Gen though this particular second gen has not real benefits that a female avatar marrying Chrom wouldn't give. (The smartest thing since you're foregoing the same amount of natural hair colors is to marry Nowi, you get Manaket Morgan and Nowi is naturally better.)


Personal pairings in priority order: (These pairings are just my favorites some are for skills, some for stats, others for hair color)
1. Tharja x Gaius = 50 Spd Assassin Noire or Galeforce, Lifetaker, Tomebreaker SniperĀ  - This pairing produces a Noire with Galeforce and access to the Assassin class which to me seems more natural to Noire than her true native classes. Assassin Noire being granted access to Swords without using the fairly bad Bow Knight class gives her solid Physical and Magical options to get the most out of the caps she inevitably gets from Tharja, either way the Sniper class may have decent stats but having the ability to attack at 1 range is worth the loss to defense, but even without that the extra speed is a nice thing to have especially with the +4 speed from Gaius. If you want Sniper Noire to stay in the native class-line Tomebreaker, Lifetaker and Galeforce will make you a competant anti-magic unit that can use the second turn granted from Galeforce to simply switch to the paired unit before attacking the second turn which is arguable better anyway since as an Assassin your defenses suffer for the ability to counter 1 range. The orange hair color matches really well with the green of her outfit. Thaja with Gaius is my top choice for Noire optimization, is aesthetically pleasing IMO and I like both Tharja and Gaius as a bonus making this pairing my main priority.

2. Sully x Donnel = Sol and Galeforce Kjelle - This pairing mainly comes from the fact that I hate both Donnel and Sully. Kjelle needs dark hair or she doesn't look right and she's one of the 3 female children that doesn't learn Galeforce from their motherĀ  and need it from Donnel or Gaius. Sully and Donnel don't go great together fighting each other in pretty much every stat and will result in a Kjelle that is just slightly better in about everything, but she gets Galeforce atleast. With Donnel you get access to Renewal and Sol, Sol helps make Kjelle a real defensive tank being able to heal on the enemy phases. The reason Kjelle is my second priority is to get the Galeforce potential children out of the way to make sure you get the maximum 2 extra Galeforce.

3. Chrom x Avatar (F) = Customized Lucina and Rightful King Morgan - Lucina is one of my favorite units and the pairing is good, makes a decent looking Morgan too IMO. 3rd Priority because Lucina doesn't get good options for mothers or getting better options sacrifices power for the other children out of the marriage.

4. Sumia x Frederick = "Best" Hair Color Cynthia - Frederick isn't very good for Cynthia, but the brown hair certainly looks nice. Henry makes a super ugly Cynthia IMO of the parents remaining so it's really Frederick by default. Sumia is priority 4 because she has very few marriage options.

5. Nowi x Kellam = Defensive Nah - Nah is one of my least favorite children and none of the hair colors look quite right to me really, Gaius might be my favorite if I have to choose though. Nowi and Kellam provides the strongest defenses (overall) and Renewal. Donnel would be better served here than with Sully, but I like Nowi much better than Sully and Kellam is one of my favorite male characters so for a better Nowi I opted to take a hit to my Nah. (Not that she's bad with the defenses Kellam brings) Nah gets fifth priority because Nowi is one of my favorite characters and of what is left it's hard to make a good Manakete Nah.

6. Cordelia x Stahl = Luna Severa - For me Severa needs dark hair or red hair, Gregor Severa looks the most natural, but at a 60% activation Luna Severa is just too good to pass up. I like Cordelia and Stahl offers up great support options.

7. Olivia x Virion = "Best" Hair Color Inigo - Inigo's best hair color IMO is the silver he gets from Virion and Virion is a top choice for Inigo for me anyway I'd call it a win-win. Because Inigo gets Galeforce you can pair him with another Galeforce unit and squeeze 3 turns out, but that means Inigo will spend some time up front, he's got everything needed to do so with Lifetaker though he should probably end as the support unit for the enemy phase. With Inigo you get some nice skill for activation, but your best option is Astra for damage. I'm never without my Dancer since it nets a free turn with a buffed unit thanks to Special Dance so you want to make sure she has a competent partner, Virion gives her some extra power and the couple has high skill to help with Dual Strikes where most of you damage will come from. Inigo becomes pretty competant himself with the pairing, but lacks support skills which is okay since he's kind of a hybrid somewhere between support and lead. For Inigo himself he makes a fine candidate for the Gamble/Astra combination due to naturally high skill he'll probably get atleast 1 crit in Astra.

8. Maribelle x Libra = 'Natural' Hair Color Sage Brady - Libra with Maribelle seems as close to canon as you can you get the hair color from the official artwork, great stats for a Sage, and their supports suggest they belong together. Libra doesn't bring much outside stats but Brady has everything he needs already and Libra isn't really in competition as a father so might as well.

9. Miriel x Ricken = Optimal Laurent - Reddish hair color to go with the official art, staggering magic atk caps and good classes. All-around it's hard to argue any Laurent that's better. With Defender, Dual Gaurd +, Dual Support +, and Luna it makes for a near perfect run of support skills you'd just need Deliverer or Dual Strike + to complete the set.

10. Panne x Henry = 'Natural' Hair Color Yarne - The official art shows Yarn with a white tuft of hair on his head Henry is the only one that can get that color tuft. Anything really works, but if it's similar, but not 'exact' like Lon'Qu it looks a little odd to me.

11. Lissa x Vaike = 'Natural' Hair Color Owain - Vaike gives the most Strength for Owain as a side-effect but it's still pretty weak, Owain won't be good, but his father will match his personality and the hair color will be Lissa's more or less.

12. Cherche x Lon'Qu = Leftovers Gerome - You can't get the official hair color and it's all you have left really, gives decent speed and you atleast get Astra.


Optimal Pairings in priority order: (These pairings take into account all the other pairings and assume using non-exploits however count Sorcerer as a viable end class since they are better than a Sage even without using Nosferatu/Aversa's Night). These are not built for Street Pass, but will factor DLC)

With Male Avatar
Chrom x Olivia = You have to set out from the start to make sure Chrom pairs with Olivia so it should be your top priority. What you're getting is a Rightful King Inigo which is the strongest sibling of Lucina and Lucina gets Vantage without losing anything too terribly important from not having Sumia as a mother. Inigo makes a good Hero with it's high Skill and respectable Speed and Defenses all of which mesh well with Rightful King and Sol combination. Lucina from Olivia appreciates staying in her Female Great Lord class allowing her to use the Parallel Falchion for emergency healing or more expensively Gradivus which also serves well as a Range attack, but the Parallel Falchion has infinite uses so it's usually better to try to use it for healing. The Female Great Lord class will fall short offensively to the Dark Flier class since you can't use the 1~2 range double attacking Celica's Gale otherwise and the Dark Flier can still use Gradivus for healing, but being able to use the Parallel Falchion for infinite healing is better than possible running out of Gradivus in the middle of a map. (You can replace Gradivus infinitely through Infinite Regalia if you're lacking that DLC you definitely will want the Female Great Lord class)

Tharja x Gaius = Galeforce Noire. It's a good idea to keep a Sniper to use the Double Bow on the tougher DLCs to pick off weakened enemies sporting Vantage safely as there are very few enemies using 2~3 range too and those that do can be easily dealt with from other sources. Additionally though you don't need to be a Sniper to use it Innes' Bow allows you to pin down very evasive targets if need be usually Sword Masters with various Avoid skills that can be fairly difficult to hit. If you don't want or don't know how to use a Sniper effectively since they are one of the harder classes to use properly Noire makes a good magic user using Gaius saving your in-demand magically inclined fathers negligible loss.

Sully x Donnel = Donnel gives Galeforce to Kjelle along with solid skills whether it be for support or primarily as a lead. Kjelle gets mostly Speed and Lck from Donnel and damage is better than any defenses so you will want to avoid her native class line unless you are building her as primarily a support character in which you might consider a General. Hero is what I would consider optimal if you aren't wanting to flood your team with Dark Fliers, Dark Knights, and Dread Fighters.

Sumia x Avatar = Sumia gets less options than the others actually provides good modifiers and has a decent support repertoire to support the Avatar himself. 2 Morgans is better than one super Morgan for just about everything so a 3rd gen Morgan really isn't optimal and Sumia is simply has the most reasons to pair with the Avatar. You could use the Avatar in order to get Noire, Nah, and Kjelle all to have Galeforce, but Nah gets by just fine without it. Both Morgan and Cynthia appreciate benefits from being a Grandmaster for female characters it's pretty much the best class you can get since you don't get a universally good class like you do with the Males with the Dread Fighter. Ignis replaces Luna for your primary choice of activation skills tending to be at least as strong as Luna and usually a few points better with the Grandmaster class.

Lissa x Libra = Vantage with Vengeance on a powerful magically inclined Owain. Libra isn't very useful as a parent unless you're looking to exploit Sorcerers so finding a good use for him outside that is nice even though Henry is a little bit better he can be better used elsewhere and Libra still gives the most important aspects of the pairing. Owain is a prime choice for a Dread Fighter, but the Dread Fighter is just that good of a class with both physical and magic options when that extra 8 Magic you could get from a Sage can mean a lot less than hitting with a much more damaging weapon or staying ahead of the weapon triangle instead of just being neutral to it. A Brave Axe is going to deal a lot more Damage coming from a 41 Str compared to a 50 Mag using Celica's Gale on a Falcon Knight and save you a lot of damage too. If you're looking to keep some diversity Owain makes a great Assassin. The high Skill makes Crits somewhat viable since the idea is already to use Vengeance you can add Wrath fairly easily and the low end Defenses actually serve as a benefit in getting your HP low enough to use your Vantage/Vengeance combo to greater effect, out side that once you're low on health the high Speed gives you a decent Avoid if you miss killing an enemy before your 6 pre-emptive strikes which might occur on something like a Great Knight if Owain's partner is a physicial user like Owain. Levin Swords are weaker than the Brave Sword or Brave Bow, but a Levin Sword has that very useful 1~2 range and the modifiers support it's use even on a physical class. Sage is however usually the second best (non-exploit) option for Libra!Owain to keep the 1~2 range double attack counters beating out the Sorcerer due to wanting that extra damage for your skill set.

Cordelia x Stahl = Stahl gives Severa everything she needs including the option to use Vantage/Vengeance. Lon'Qu is better for a Sorcerer Severa however using Stahl saves Lon'Qu and like using Libra for Lissa instead of Henry saves Lon'Qu for where he can be used to gain a much larger advantage than just eeking out a little extra benefit here. You don't want a full team near death using Vantage/Vengeance even if it is powerful it becomes difficult to manage doubly so if you don't want to lose anybody so Severa can make good use of a Luna. Stahl!Severa finds a good home as a Bride granting 1~2 range between Brave Lances and Brave Bows while giving good stats, Gradivus healing, and some extra utility through Staves when she isn't in attack range. The more vanilla option is a Hero.

Cherche x Frederick = Frederick gives very favorable stat modifiers and a myriad of skills that work for either support or lead Gerome. Gerome himself tends to favor a support role due to low speed, but with high Def modifiers, Luna, and Aegis he can make a pretty stable lead as a General. It's worth noting that Vaike provides the Berserker class, but lacks Dual Guard+, this isn't an issue if Gerome's partner carries Dual Guard+, but stand alone Frederick!Gerome is the 'best' Gerome and should end as a General or Warrior. If you have a partner with Dual Guard+ for Gerome then you should consider using Vaike!Gerome as a Berserker based on your planned needs. Either Gerome should be used as support since supporting units bypass the skills that halve damage dealt making the significant Str much more significant. *Advantages of Frederick!Gerome over Vaike!Gerome as a support include a better supporting skill set, higher Dual Strike chance, and better accuracy including the ability to avoid Breakers due to having two weapons choices. Vaike!Gerome is more the min/max choice for Apotheosis Merchant Anna as she has 70 Spd so the extra 5 Spd you can get from Berserker Gerome with Vaike!Gerome vs Warrior or General Gerome with Frederick!Gerome.*

Panne x Gregor = Yarne can't stay as a Taguel if you want him to have a chance at all of being good. Stats-wise Yarne is one of the best characters, but he's pretty limited by his skills. Gregor gives you Vantage and Sol which both add up to a great Berserker one of the few lead-viable Berserkers. The high Skl, Spd, and Str all make Yarne accurate and deadly as a Berserker while Sol helps mitigate the fragile defenses. Be sure to pass down Swordbreaker from Panne to help with the Berserker's single weapon flaw, if you don't want to pigeonhole yourself passing Lancebreaker lets you take on Apotheosis Anna and covers the potential issues with his beast weakness which he always carries no matter what class he ends up. Gregor also grants Hero which is a good secondary class if you dislike Berserker.

Maribelle x Henry = Henry provides several classes for Brady including the Sorcerer line which can help him become one of the better magical supporting units using Hex or Anathema. The decent Skl modifier makes him a good enough Sorcerer lead though I'd leave that to Laurent. Without Vantage you'll want to take Luna if you're using Brady as a lead but with Hex, Anathema, Dual Guard+, Tomefaire and the possibility of Dual Support+ if you don't want to pass Galeforce you should use Brady as a Sage or a Dread Fighter. Sage Brady is stronger, but Dread Fighter Brady can use more weapons (and effectively enough just having a -1 Str modifier) and gives +3 extra pair-up Spd. Dread Fighter Brady is the logical choice to pair with either Morgan or Cynthia as they appreciate both stats getting boosts from the Dread Fighter class bonuses.

Miriel x Lon'Qu = Lon'Qu with Miriel gives Laurent the Vantage/Vengeance combo and high Skl and Spd making Laurent a very good Sorcerer able to use both Mire and Waste to solid effect.

Nowi x Kellam = Traditional tanky choice for Nah, the low Spd from Nowi is a hindrance Nah can't overcome so your best option is to hedge your bets in what she does naturally well which is absorbing damage. You'll want to make her something other than a Manakete since losing the double attack is something you can't make up. A General will have 57 Def and 53 Str which can usually negate the effects of your very low speed killing the attacking enemy before they get the second attack through using a Brave Weapon while a Manakete Nah will still likely get double attacked and not kill the enemy before they get the second attack.

Ricken isn't used, but he's actually a very good father depending on what you're looking for, if you want a Sorcerer Severa moving Lon'qu to Cordelia and Ricken to Miriel is effective in adding more magical quality magic units as it makes Laurent the highest Magical attacker you have available without a 3rd gen Morgan or wasting your Avatar on somebody like Aversa.
With Female Avatar
Chrom x Avatar - You end up with the only combination that nets 2 Morgans which is really ideal since 2nd gen Morgan is so good you don't need a 3rd gen and you get better coverage with 2 Morgans. Lucina will make a better Grandmaster when she has access to all the classes. Rightful King on Morgan can be useful for certain sets if you want to go that route, but it's not needed outside of a novelty Lethality Street Pass set and you're often better off with an aggressive skill set than one that abuses Rightful King.

Tharja x Gaius - Same as above

Sully x Donnel - Same as above

Sumia x Henry - Henry gives Cynthia a nice balance of stat gains good class lines. Gaius may be better, but you get more benefit using him with Tharja since Henry is good enough. The best non-exploitable class is the Dark Flier where you can utilize both Str and Mag to attack maximizing your actual damage output, with Henry as a father Cynthia gets an excellent support set with Dual Support+, Hex, Anathema, and Dual Guard+, but it's a little wasted considering the respectable Spd modifier she gets from Henry. A Sage is an option for those who favor team based strategies over stand-alone power.

Lissa x Libra - Same as above

Cordelia Stahl - Same as above

Cherche x Frederick - Same as above

Panne x Gregor - Same as above

Maribelle x Lon'Qu - It's simply a matter of Brady making a better lead option than Laurent in that Brady doesn't rely on tricks and doesn't need to stay near death to be useful especially with Galeforce and Luna being a base option from Maribelle herself. You get Vantage from Lon'qu which is always a plus for defense during the AI's turn.

Miriel x Ricken - Ricken is great for a support Laurent boasting the highest Magic cap from non-Avatar pairings. In terms of a lead with Ricken you at the very least pick up Luna which is better as a stand alone since you're giving up Vantage to go with Vengeance.

Nowi x Kellam - Same as above

Olivia x Virion - Virion is normally fairly useless as a father and deserves some kind of award for how bad he actually is himself, but his quirks kinda of mesh with Olivia to form a solid Inigo. Inigo is forced into the Sol route unless you want to use a sub-par offensive activation skill like Astra or Lethality, but Sol is a perfectly viable option for quality characters especially if you are using Inigo as a support character switching in only to get his use of Galeforce since it's a good way to keep him healthy on those brief switch-ins. As a lead Inigo gets access to Vantage from Olivia and Sword Breaker or Lance Breaker from Virion to give him a firm role. Virion gives Inigo Tomefaire if you want to go the Magic route which you don't lose anything except the weapon triangle doing. I would leave Inigo as a Hero or as an Axe Wielding Dread Fighter to take advantage of Lance Breaker and the weapon advantage over lances. Aggressor and Axefaire can round out the damage aspect or you can use Virion's Hit Rate +20 or Quick Burn to compensate for the sub-par accuracy of axes to eek out the extra power versus Tomes and Bows or frequent use of throwing axes, the latter isn't needed with Dread Fighter since Celica's Gale will be out any throwing axe even if you base your skills around axes.

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