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Forum/Chat Rules *Read Before Posting* Empty Forum/Chat Rules *Read Before Posting*

Post  Dwlr on Thu Feb 27, 2014 8:04 pm

First I want to start off that you should read the rules before participating on a forum so this particular forum will not accept ignorance of the rules as an excuse for breaking them.

Basic forum rules

1) No 18+ content or links to such. This means no nudity, no links to XXX sites, no links to Hentai or Adult Videos, and discussion of such material is to be kept to a bare minimum publicly. For example if you enjoy a movie and there are sex scenes in it and you want to make mention of it as a content advisory that is fine. If both parties are of legal age and are both okay with it, we will not censor PMs and you are free discuss whatever there. VMs even if set to Friends Only IS still considered public.
*Ecchi material is allowed as well as certain artistic nudity, however there is a very fine line and you are expected to not cross it, so if  are unsure it's best to simply not post it. There are cases where we will simply remove the content if it is clear the intention was not to violate the rules, but you shouldn't take this for granted and press your luck*

2) Don't attack other members. We are well aware it is the internet, but it's simply not needed. This includes racial slurs, sexism, attacking religious beliefs, or lifestyle choices. Basically don't set out to hurt the other members period, but especially not over their gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

3) Don't spam. This includes:
-No bumping, if people are going to post they will post in their own time.

-No double posting, there is an edit button for a reason. You may double post when closing a service or event thread such as a sig shop or a trading thread, but you should also contact a mod to lock the thread afterwards. In the case of a service thread, mods can re-open them and then they will make a post saying it was re-opened to let people know the service is being offered again. If you are following a future release and they are releasing new information over time you may double post as the information is released.

-No one-liners, if you don't have something to add to the discussion you don't need to post.

4) Make note of spoilers, because of the nature of the forum do not post spoiler unless you place them in spoiler tags or make note of it in the thread title.

5) Respect other opinions. People can post reviews and guides on this forum and these are largely subjective by nature, you are free to disagree or in the case of guides correct inaccuracies, but do so in a constructive manner. If you wish to create a guide and one already exists you are free to make your own guide, you are of course free to collaborate with the original poster, but the staff will not get involved in disputes and the original poster maintains control so if your differences are irreconcilable just create your own guide.

6) GIVE CREDIT! This applies to anything made by any member on this site or not be it strategies for beating a section of a game, images from an art shop, or a selection of writing (such as a poem). For strategies and writing selections visible credit must given, for art you can omit visual credit if the artist says it's okay, but just because you can be exempt from giving credit in your sig for example that does not mean you can claim to own that image. *All material belongs to the creator of it, if they allow you to use it then you're free to use it within the terms specified. Once an arrangement is agreed upon it is assumed to be set in stone, if you change your mind about letting somebody use something at a latter date, the most you can do is ask them to remove it, we will not get involved and remove an image or content simply because you changed your mind about letting them use it as long as they are still giving you credit for it and using it in the manner as originally agreed upon.

Signature Rules

1) Maximum dimensions for an image is 600px wide and 300px tall. This is for everything in your sig combined. If you have two images 400px wide side by side then you are over the maximum width. Things on this forum will wrap to the next line based on the width of the browser, by preventing longer sigs even by the way of separated images we are ensuring that the height does not increase dramatically in a smaller browser through carriage returns. We are also preventing the signatures from stretching the page for smaller browsers as small as 600px.

2) No large gifs, we're limiting sig sizes to 500KB. This is to help our friends with slower internet as multiple posts of large files will slow down the loading of the pages, we feel 500KB is pretty reasonable of a limit and will only become an issue with long animations.

3) Direct links only. If you use a short link and the image changes you are responsible for the image it changes to.

*All rules apply to sig rotators at any given point in time, if one of the sigs on the rotator causes a violation of any signature rules then the entire sig is in violation and will be removed, continuing to violate the sig rules may result in a ban.*

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