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Post  Dwlr on Mon Nov 10, 2014 8:55 am

Angel - Lowest shard cost to buy and flies avoiding ground based melee troops. Her HP is pretty low and her damage is average, but her ability makes her pretty durable and she's definitely capable of killing enemy troops, but against other heroes you'll find her a bit lacking though being ranged she's good support and can stall most elite and below heroes well enough to wait for back up and then heal herself when attacking building between fights. For starters she's an obvious first purchase.

Marauder - Marauder's attack is low and his ability is defensive, he's meant to tank and be supported by other units for damage however an Ordinary being used as a tank just doesn't work out even though he sure tries hard he needs his skill increased to be even somewhat decent in doing a mediocre job. There's no reason practical reason to buy him even at his cheap cost.

Hill Giant - Hill Giant is pretty decent in the arena in terms of an ordinary hero since his skill does extremely high % of damage and there are a limited amount of targets in the arena for it to choose from. Since Ordinary heroes aren't really competitive with the lowest of Legends it's not worth picking up a one trick pony especially when it's a melee hero.

Engineer - Despite his looks, Engineer shoots the saw blades and ranged AoE is a rarity outside of Legendary heroes this gives Engineer a niche despite his low skill damage. Lava Burst does get a lot stronger pretty quick, but it's still a waste to use sacrifices to increase it. Engineer is poor for the Arena, but good for Raiding, Dungeons, and Here Be Monsters. A solid buy if you have extra hero slots to fill early on.

Frost Witch - You get the first day of logging in she's a decent damage dealer, but she's frail. She's definitely useful for some time. Her prime area of expertise is the arena, but the damage makes her good for other things and she can beat out most other Ordinary heroes 1 on 1.

Dryad - Dryad is the slowest ground hero and the weakest hero on top of everything else her attack speed is the same as Marauder 1500 which is means she attacks once every 1.5 seconds. That said her slow attack speed makes and ability make her useful for bosses when combined with other stun champions due to staggering the stun times. Do no buy her you're better off with just about anybody else.

Alchemist - The Alchemist has single target damage with a powerful skill, he is short ranged, but he's useful as a damage dealer so it's a matter of if you want to purchase a hero that will be replaced by any stronger hero due to not having a defined role or not.

Marksman - Marksman has the highest basic attack of all the Ordinary heroes making her useful as a general damage dealer, she's long range, but has extremely low health. Her ability can extend a decent ways past her normal attack range and hits a few people for increased damage overall she's probably the best or second best Ordinary hero along with Angel, she's a definite buy to fill out your hero ranks early on

Executioner - You start with an Executioner and he's not terrible, but he's not particularly useful either. Stun is always nice true, but being melee he dies a lot and isn't particularly strong.

Assassin - Strongest of all elites in terms of damage, useful in the arena and with the Life Drain talent fairly durable, without Life Drain she'll die just about every time you use her in a raid. She has fast movement speed which means she's often by herself which makes her an easy target, but can be useful in torch battles for the guild and of course rushing the shrine in the arena. She's a decent buy being pretty cheap for an elite.

Werewolf - Most definitely sub-par he has a decreased attack speed (1500) and he's not even that tanky which is his supposed role. He's another sub-par melee hero with a pretty lackluster skill considering, definitely a pass.

Cyclops - Arguable the best Elite for AoE with your other option being Pain-da. Cyclops has a arcing AoE that can hit the same number of mac targets as Pain-da, but only goes in an arc in-front of him. He's stronger with his basic attack and attacks 500msec faster than Pain-da so he's definitely the more damaging of the two, but his HP is lacking and his AoE can be clunky sometimes.

Shaman - Shaman is a utility hero he has a slow attack rate (1500) and his ability is meant for the Arena where debuffs are useful....well more useful. Shaman is a pass with low health and a niche ability that is usually worse than just having a damage ability.

Pain-da - You one for free with 7 days of logging in he has a 1500msec attack speed and low damage, but his skill does boosted damage and hits all around him ensuring that he always makes an attempt to hit his max number of targets. His high health lends itself to sending him into a situation which is AoE can take out camps an average hero who is terrible in the Arena, but nice to have if you have been just using Ordinaries.

Serpent Queen - Serpent Queen excels at killing large numbers of weakened enemies, she is an AoE hero however due to the nature of her AoE she shouldn't be relied on to clear camps by herself, pairing her with Pain-da in-front of her is good idea she weakens them and Pain-da kills a large group of them or vice versa.

Ice Demon - Extremely hard to use, but proper use of the Ice Demon he can be more effective than some Legendary heroes despite lower stats the dysyncing troop movement can keep you from taking any real damage and remove the threat of their army camps without spending 2000+ shards to do the same thing.

Triton - Niche Elite that has low stats and is expensive, pass on him.

Paladin - You get one free so you shouldn't ever buy one that and he's actually pretty terrible. He can viably tank, but his damage output is poor. I'd rather kill than stall especially since depending who you're stalling the skills that you let the enemy use can cause serious collateral damage or get you killed.

Champion - High damage and low health, the skill is akin to that of Marksman, but just plain better thanks to good stun effects. Definitely useful but honestly needs to be protected to be effective.

Succubus - The best boss killer hands down, the attack damage will cap at 35k for her skill, she's great in the Arena too. She's a nice hero to have around, but low priority.

Druid - After 30 days you get one free and Druid is good indeed, he helps keep your losses down which keeps you playing and is good for any mode really except bosses.

Ninja - Extremely high single hit damage good for arena, bosses, and torch battles.

Thunder God - Pretty much a required irreplaceable hero, he should be your first objective Legendary buy.

Atlanticore - The best offense is a good defense or one that makes them kills themselves. He himself attacks slow at 2000ms, and has pitiable damage, but he's very useful.

Grizzly Reaper - The fastest attack speed, but he's dirt slow movement. He has decent AoE and is extremely hard to kill with the right talent, definitely get Immortep first its only 500 more shards.

Immortep - The prize of Legendary heroes, high damage and very large AoE.

*Non-Shard and Non-Gem Rollable Legendaries*
Spirit Mage - For this hero you need to buy 300 USD worth of gems, I don't care how good he is he's not worth it, incidently he's not actually THAT good, I'd take several shard heroes of him and definetly gem rollable heroes.

Minotaur Chieftain - Liek the Spirit Mage you need to buy gems with real money, but this time you need 900 USD worth of gems, he is pretty much the best champion in the game when used right.

Moltanica - Obtained through events, he's extremely good just don't count on getting him, if you have one use him.

*Gem Legendaries*
Pumpkin Duke - Not only is his basic stats extremely strong his buff is a universal one and significant, if  you have one you'd be foolish not to use him.

Snowzilla - Strong single hero attack good for the arena, but honestly not much else.

Cupid - Decent buff and helps your heroes use their skill, cupid himself isn't half bad either.

Aries - Basically a stronger version of Champion without the stun. Because his ability only targets heroes and disables their skill he's suited for the arena, but he's good anywhere.

Vlad Dracula - You can think of Vlad as an improved Immortep that is only available through gems and thus just a matter of luck to obtain.

Orcsbane - Orcsbane is kind of like Cyclops on steroids. He has an AoE skill similar to Cyclops, but it deals more damage, debuffs, and heals allies, the real downside of Orcsbane is his 1200ms attack speed, but considering his massive health that's not what he's for really. He's an excellent tank that has utility and more damage than the average tank character. Only obtainable via gems so hope for some luck.

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