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Millennium War Aigis is an 18+ Tower Defense Game, but the H-scenes are easy enough to skip the text-based dialogue of for those not interested in that aspect, however be advised keeping the H-images from coming up entirely might be difficult as they are tied to a unit's affection and affection provides a significant boost to stats. Each female unit has 2 H-scenes whilst male units simply have conversational events so having a male only army is another way to avoid to H-scenes.

Tactics Instructor Katie - Gold Soldier received from completing all the Strategy Lesson Quests. Her ability allows you to gain Unit Points upon its use making her a valuable asset to allow you to deploy more expensive units quickly. As a soldier she's a defense focused soldier meaning that she needs back-up to kill, but after class changing she is more naturally equipped to hold up against 3 units.

White Witch Cloris - Gold Witch received from completing all the Urgent Mission Drill Quests. She is an attack based witch, her skill boosts her attack further. As an event unit there isn't much special about her other than the difficulty to cost reduce since copies are limited, but she is a sure thing and is useful as a stronger witch than Calliope for those just starting out.

White Witch Belinda - Platinum Witch obtained as a drop from the first event, The Witch Girl. Being a drop it made it luck based to obtain a better version after obtaining the guaranteed drop from the first completion of The Witch's Banquet II. Belinda is fairly unique it that her skill increases her range sacrificing attack strength for utility when using her ability. Arguably the most important feature of Belinda is not yet included in the English version the game and that is her passive buff to witches after she Awakens.

Lieutenant Aria - Gold Soldier obtained from completing 4 missions during the Ryujin Invasion event. Being a Star Event it was only possible to obtain a single Aria from the event, but doing well in the event rewarded a cost reduced Aria up to her minimum cost of -3. Like Katie her skill gives Unit Points, but she is Attack centered instead of Defense centered making her comparatively frail, but less reliant on supporting damage when holding her position.

Sealed Dorania - Black Dragon Soldier obtained from earning 24 stars during the Ryujin Invasion event. Being unable to gain affection bonuses having a high Unit Cost and relatively low stats Dorania is not really meant as unit, but rather is used to obtain Dragon Princess Anya after Class Changing.

Dragon Shaman Echidna - Platinum Dragon Shaman obtained from completing 4 missions during the Return of the Dragon Princess event. Being a Star Event it was only possible to obtain a single Echidna, but doing well in the event rewarded a cost reduced Echidna up to her minimum cost of -4. She is normally a Healer, but her ability allows her to act as a Mage. Her skill also increases her attack so she tends to have a higher attack than most mages who have Splash Attack as their skill albeit for only a short time. Compared to other Healers and Mages she has lower based Healing/Attack, but she is also pretty durable in terms of HP and Def for her class(es). At a Range of 240 she has the equivalent range of a Class Changed Mage making her a lower Range than a Class Changed Healer.

Dragon Princess Anya - Black Dragon Princess obtained by Class Changing Sealed Dorania via obtaining 25 stars during the Return of the Dragon Princess event which earned a Spirit of Time the fairy required to Class Chang Dorania. Anya has lower stats than the other Princess units as well as a higher cost, but this comes at the ability to Block 2 units instead of 1 like a normal Princess Unit. With her ability she becomes able to withstand attacks from 2 high attack enemies by ignoring a large percentage of physical damage received. Once Awakened her skill changes to allow AoE attacks further playing on her ability to deal with multiple threats and she gains a passive increase to Magic Resistance to give her all around survivability.

Holy Warrior Maribel - Platinum Heavy Infantry obtained as a drop unit during Holy Warrior's Challenge. She was guaranteed as a drop from the first completion Lines of Armor and then obtaining more copies cost reduce and increase her skill was left up to luck of the drop and luck of skill reduction and cost reduction. Stats-wise she is worse compared to other Heavy Infantries even lower than a comparable level Leanne a Silver Heavy Infantry, being Platinum Rarity she does have the Class Changed level cap of 70 which gives her back some of the missing stats compared to the lower Rarity Heavy Infantries. Her main benefit comes from her ability which increases her Attack and Defense dramatically for a short time, secondly she has the somewhat uncommon Attack and Defense affection bonuses which tends to make her stronger physically compared other Heavy Infantries despite her lower base stats, she has a faster attack rate which combined with her skill and affection bonuses can make her fairly strong while maintaining her defensive capabilities, and finally her Unit Cost is relatively low starting with a low cost and being able to reduce her cost by 4 instead of the usual standard of 3.

Vampire/Immortal Princess Karma - Platinum/Black Princess obtained from gathering quantities of Serum during the Vampire Bride event. Gather enough Serums and Karma will join as a Vampire Princess, gather a large enough amount of Serums and she will join as the slightly stronger Immortal Princess. Both versions of Karma can't be healed by Healing units to compensate Karma has rather high stats and powerful ability an ability that is even stronger as an Immortal Princess that will not let her die while the ability is active making the Immortal Princess good for overwhelming situations at least as long as her ability lasts. Unlike previous other events it was possible to increase skill and decrease unit cost resulting in a perfect Immortal Princess Karma through full mastery of the event.

Fairy Village Warrior Rosalie - Silver Soldier obtained by clearing 3 missions during the Crisis of the Fairy Village event. Like most Elves she has severely limited HP as a trade off for high(er) Attack and Defense, Attack and Defense high enough to compare with a max level unit of Gold rarity even with the Gold unit's 10 higher level cap. Her ability gives her extra survivability albeit a little based on luck giving her a large (relatively) chance to dodge. *Not exactly an event unit, but she cannot be summoned normally and is a Silver Unit so I'm including her for now.*

Dark Elf Rowanna - Platinum Avenger obtained by clearing 4 missions during the Crisis of the Fairy Village event. Being a star quest it was possible to receive a minimum cost unit of -4 cost from mastery of the event. Rowanna is a duelist type unit being able to block a single enemy and having the passive ability to become stronger the more HP she loses based on the percent of health remaining. She has a large health pool and relatively high Attack stat with a modest defense stat to further her survivability she has a skill that allows her to heal herself when activated making her less reliant on outside healing. Having an innate Magic Resistance gives her a rounded survivability. Primarily a replacement for a Valkyrie without the Unit Cost benefits from killing enemies or the reimbursement for retreating.

Mystic Folklorist Odette - Platinum Mage obtained as a drop unit during the Mystic Sorcery event. One guaranteed drop was obtained from the first completion of Demon Extermination H. As a Mage she is fairly lackluster being a unit that gets Attack and Defense from affection luckily her primary affection bonus is Attack and not Defense. In addition to her poor secondary affection category she is relatively high cost for very little benefit. She is an attack type so comparing her to the HP type Platinum Mage Garania she has about 50 more attack trading it for about 120 HP and 5 Def (before affection bonuses) which sounds fair enough except when you consider the very poor attack speed of Mages and her high initial cost. She has the ability to reduce her Unit Cost by 5 which does help to soften her cost if you can reduce her to limit cost, but she is still at a premium compared to Garania needing to reduce her own Unit Cost by 4 to match Garania's initial Unit Cost of 36. Odette also has 16 Skill Levels, 11 more skill levels than the standard making it very hard to get her skill to it's max level. The only real benefit to Odette is her skill which globally reduces the amount of Magic Damage your units take while it is active, this utility effect of course comes at the cost of a more traditional skill, doesn't last all that long, and has a very long reuse timer. All in all Odette is a fairly niche unit, but if you are lacking a Mage that is better than Valerie or the Bronze and Iron Mages she's not terrible since the majority of times Mages aren't needed early on in levels so her premium Cost isn't that much of a factor most of the time.

Sorceress Shiho - Platinum Shaman obtained as a drop during the Oni Summoning Sorceress event. One guaranteed drop was obtained from the first completion of Oni Charge. Shiho is primarily a Witch, though at a premium in terms of cost and base stats. Using her skill converts her into a Healer, though her stats are quite low compared to other Platinum Healers she does make up for it for healing at a faster rate. As a Witch she tends to be sub-par considering her Unit Cost, but all around she's a versatile deploy and her Unit Cost can be reduced by 5, the latter helps her be more comparable to other Witches around her rarity though she's still at a premium Unit Cost for her effectiveness as a Witch especially considering she doesn't have a skill to aid that part of her. Her range is odd when Class Changed it's 220, where you might expect her to be 210 if she was a Witch or 240 if she was a Healer she falls in-between that serving to help her utility a tad in her Witch form at least. *Slightly slower attack speed compared to other Witches while attacking as a Witch, while her speed is faster than a Healer when she is acting as a Healer this hurts her overall as she is primarily going to be serving as a Witch. Her lower attack speed and her lower stats make her DPS significantly lower.*

Air Strategist Len - Platinum Rear Strategist obtained by collecting at least 30 Strategy Books during the Heir to the Strategist event. The best version was obtained by collecting 700 Strategy Books, the event had a particularly poor drop rate for these books making obtaining a perfect Len a costly affair. Len functions sort of like a Vampire Hunter with a low Range and attacking with multiple projectiles (2 projectiles per attack). Her low cost makes up for seemingly low functionality giving her an actual decent Damage to Cost ratio. The Japanese version she gets Attack as an Affection Bonus, the English version however does not have this hampering her effectiveness significantly. Her skill coupled with high Defense units can make up for having sub-par Healers to a degree as it is a global Defense buff this does however mean she suffers offensively. Without a skill and with her poor Range it limits her versatility as an early deploy, but her good Damage to Cost Ratio especially if you have a minimum Cost version makes her an effective situational deploy on narrow choke points. Post-Awakening she gives a passive buff to Defense along with her passive Skill Cooldown Reduction. She's a nice addition to a Skill heavy team like those featuring Nanaly or Bashira who both have extremely powerful skills or Pre-Skill Awakening Maribel who relies on her Skill to use her full power.

Monk Lynn - Platinum Monk obtained as a drop from the Monk Training Grounds event. Lynn is essentially a higher Attack Stat Rogue. She has solid HP, but her Defense leaves something to be desired, so she needs healer support even for mobs, but her Dodge ability like the Rogue helps her deal with heavy hitters, she lacks the Instant Kill chance to actually potentially kill them. Being able to Block 2 Units makes her useful as an early deploy as she is fairly low cost. Like most Drop Event Units from this point onward she has 10 Skill Levels instead of 5.

Summoner Solano - Earn through obtaining at least 18 stars during the Summoned Beast in the Earth. Solano functions like a Mage however she has lower range than a CC'd Mage and can only attack while her skill is active. This flaw is offset by her bargain cost compared to a full fledged Mage, which is upwards to 20 - 25 Cost lower. During her skill her AoE is about 2x larger than the standard Mage attack so effectively she has Splash Attack as her Skill. Mages seldom need to be deployed early however having that option can be quite useful, and being light on your Unit Points can be the difference between killing a large mob or letting one slip through. As large of a negative as she seems to have only being able to attack during her skill it doesn't have a lot of bearing on hr effectiveness compared to a normal Mage if you activate it wisely especially if you max her Skill Level.

Magic Swordswoman Charlotte - A Platinum Magic Fencer that can be obtained as a drop from the Imprisoned Magic Swordswoman. Magic Fencers can attack from range at 50% of their listed Attack value before Class Change and 60% afterwards. Charlotte's skill also turns her into a Princess for a short time changing her Attack into Magic, but she has significantly worse stats compared to a Princess. Her skill also affects her ranged attacks giving her a niche use of a ranged attacker that won't have her damage negated by armor. Charlotte's skill has a fairly quick re-use timer, but the duration is also short and as a drawback when you Awaken her she uses her skill without it being activated taking control away from you which can really hurt her viability by wasting her skill when you don't need it. She's a fairly sub-pair unit and Horace another event Magic Fencer is basically her better in every situation.

Beastwoman Ada - A Platinum Rogue obtained as a drop from Pride of the Beastwoman. She's very similar to Monk Lynn the main difference being that Ada can only Block 1 enemy where Lynn blocks 2. Ada's and Lynn's skills work much the same way with Ada's lasting longer at the cost of a much larger initial timer to use. Ada only blocking a single unit means she's a better duelist than Lynn, but it also means that you have to compare her to other duelists and Ada tends to fall short even when compared to more basic duelist like Harissa.

Pirate Verotte - A Silver Pirate obtained by clearing 3 missions during Swordswoman of the Boiling Sands. Pirates have a long Range and high Attack, but low DPS due to a low Firerate. Verotte's skill Barrage Shot fixes her DPS, but also removes a very large chunk of her Range and to get the most out of her you have to be mindful of her Barrage Shot Range so you can utilize her skill otherwise her long Range is just that and whilst Range is very useful and can net you added DPS on units potentially that an archer could not reach Barrage Shot is actually a respectable skill so it's a waste not to utilize it. *Not actually an Event Unit, but currently cannot be obtained from Summon, like Rosalie.*

Desert Soldier Horace - A Platinum Magic Fencer obtained by getting 12 stars during Swordswoman of the Boiling Sands with the best version obtained from getting 24 stars. Being a Star Rush event Horace has a tendency to have a lower Unit Cost and a higher Skill Level than Charlotte and while matching Charlotte in almost every scenario Horace has a longer duration for her skill making her a better duelist, this does come at the cost of her re-use timer a more than fair trade-off. Horace doesn't suffer post Awakening from random skill use so she maintains her Swiss Army Knife usability. Horace by herself is a solid unit, but she's a bit lacking as a duelist without her skill and she's still weaker than a Princess during her skill, but being so diverse she's seldom a poor unit to have on your mission roster covering several roles if something unexpected comes up. The biggest advantage of being able to switch between Physical and Magic is that she should never really be walled by any unit at least until her skill is on cool down. Definitely an include you won't regret having however if you know exactly what is coming in a mission there are other units that fill the roles she can cover much better.

Automata Expert Rika - A Platinum Puppeteer obtained as a drop from the Ancient Automata event mission. Rika cannot be healed like Karma however unlike Karma, Rika does regenerate health. Rika regens 4HP twice per second before class change and 6HP twice per second after class change, but this only occurs when she isn't attacking. The regen helps a little, but it's no substitute for Healer support, but like Karma, Rika is compensated with inflated stats making her a solid drop and retrieve duelist. Her skill lets her reduce her Block to 0 and become a ranged unit, this lets her avoid combat and preserve her HP. Not being a target of your Healer means she can be safely deployed as support when you need a little extra something to back up a unit that needs dedicated healing which becomes particularly evident in Poison Missions where your Healer targets the unit with the least health and may target your support units at some point due to the poison damage acting on them when they might not need the healing and missing a heal might be the death of your Blocker. Rika can be used the same way Platinum Karma is used however Rika doesn't have as high of stats nor does she have a Magic attack, but she's still useful as a drop and retrieve duelist and can potentially serve other purposes before needing to be retrieved thanks to her skill and her passive regen, but this is highly dependent on her placement. A pretty niche unit, but not a bad unit by any means and her high Attack and Defense means she can hold out against mobs even if they hit her they don't pose much of a threat and that's when her regeneration can really have an impact healing her back up to a healthy state in-between waves where a number of mobs can eventually wear Karma down through attrition.

Ninja Azami - A Platinum Ninja obtained as a drop during the Ninja Army of Darkness event. Ninjas prioritize ground targets over flying ones and have a Ranged attack that has a Range of about 200, they are quick to attack, but weak in Attack making their Damage ill-suited for high defense enemies. Azami is a pretty standard Ninja with nothing real special to note about her, she has stats in line with a Platinum Ninja and an Affection Bonus that increases Attack and Defense which makes her more suited for mobs than large enemies when compared to the Black Ninja Saki. The main difference between Saki and Azami is the Attack which given the Rate of Attack of Ninja actually turns out to be a fairly significant gap, they do however both possess Ninjutsu III offering a low insta-kill chance which is off-set by they high Rate of Attack and a 50% Evasion Rate during the skill which helps them function as a Rogue would. Ninja's are a little luck dependent, but so is Rogue-based play, they can help you pull out a win when you're too weak to do it through a show of force they just can't do it consistently. As a unit having one or two ranged attackers that can use a melee slot can come in handy if ranged space is limited and you need somebody to back up your Blocker, but can't afford using a nearby ranged location for an attacker. Ninja's tend to never be the 'best' deploy, but they also tend to never be the 'worst' deploy with Saki having been available from the Trading Post Azami is simply a worse Ninja with no real Unit Cost compensation that said it's more practical to get multiple copies of Azami during the event than it is to trade 300 Demon Crystals for a multiple copies of Saki and at minimum unit cost Azami costs 1 less Unit Point, however 1 Unit Point isn't worth using Azami over Saki.

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