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Post  Dwlr on Sun Nov 29, 2015 11:07 pm

Nintendo basically has one with Super Smash Brothers even though they've started to allow non-exclusive characters in it, but what about the other companies? Sony had a pretty much failed attempt at one so lets refine it. Design a game with a roster of 20 EXCLUSIVE characters, you can make one for each company Nintendo, Microsoft, and Xbox if you so choose and the gameplay can be anything you think will fit your roster of characters so you don't need to limit yourself to a Smash roster for Nintendo or try to clone it for the other companies.*Feel free to include characters who had license transfers to 1st party developers or characters who simply were re-made on other consoles despite being more or less exclusive. Banjo Kazooie and Frank West can both count as a Microsoft characters if you so choose the prior now being owned by Microsoft and the latter is more or less a Microsoft character despite being ported to the Wii and appearing as a Capcom representative in Project X Zone.*

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Post  Dwlr on Wed Dec 02, 2015 1:14 pm

While I think Smash does a fair job presenting Nintendo characters in an all-star game with the decrease in quality of the Smash games, I'll propose a turn-based rpg.

Nintendo has a myriad of characters of varying skills which would lend itself well to a tactical rpg in the similar fashion to Fire Emblem however to keep it from becoming a clone of a popular franchise, I'd have it draw on a less known game Super Robot Taisen which would allow characters to have greater ranges, abilities, and would rely less on equipment making it easier to use the characters you like without having to manage inventory to extensively.

1. Mario - Mario has the tools to allow him mostly close range attacks, however he does have a few ranged options making him a well rounded character which would be suitable as a main protagonist in terms of ability and logically he is simply the iconic choice for the main character.
2. Luigi - To avoid being a clone Luigi has a few games centered around him he can draw from to give a little variation and while most of his abilities can be similar to Mario's, Luigi can focus more on range options that appear in their games as opposed to close range attacks making him a good foil to Mario, but also balanced serving as an initial party member next to his brother makes quite a bit of sense as well.
3. Peach - With the focus on trying to have a logical story instead of trying to make it a toy box like Smash or a contrived multi-verse like Project X Zone, Peach makes a logical choice for a starting support unit and emissary of the Mushroom Kingdom which can very easily setup the story that some great 'evil' has arouse and conquered the Mushroom Kingdom, where Mario and Luigi managed to escape with Peach (During the tutorial level) to seek help from the other kingdoms as in what I'd do with the story was make each universe a different kingdom so to speak that they just happened to be living in the same world this entire time. Doing this will also setup to a degree that characters might know each other through diplomatic relations saving some awkward cross dimensional introductions and it gives the opportunity for you to fight the characters you'll eventually control in a logical story sense that they treat you as intruders to their kingdom what with the panic caused by the aforementioned 'evil' which could quite easily be 'dark versions' or able to control defeated enemies giving a mass produced options of recognizable enemies from franchises as well as controlled versions of minor characters from franchises such as Goombas and Toads.
4. Bowser - You can't have a game without a few iconic villians and Bowser is arguably the most iconic around in the Nintendo realm, he's been known to ally himself with Mario in strained alliances when the Mushroom Kingdom is threatened by an outside threat such as when Smitty took over his castle in Super Mario RPG, he can serve as an early tank type unit that you meet on the road leaving the Mushroom Kingdom resulting in a small scuffle that makes sense for a beginning level that makes sense that it'd be fairly easy to win with Mario frequently beating Bowser in his games.
5. Donkey Kong
6. Diddy Kong
7. Link
8. Zelda
9. Samus
10. Fox
11. Falco
12. Marth
13. Kirby
14. Kind Dedede
15. Saki Amamiya (Sin and Punishment)
16. Andy (Advance Wars)
17. Olaf (Advance Wars)
18. Isaac (Golden Sun)
19. Mewtwo (Considering he can communicate with humans)
20. Kos-Mos (Most iconic character from the Xeno series despite not being used post-Nintendo's acquisition of Monolith)

For Playstation they seem to have the tools to make a fighting game like Street Fighter or Soul Calibur, most of their characters are mixed between ranged and physical skills so unlike Nintendo or Xbox, you shouldn't need to strain to fill out a moveset.
1. Cole (Infamous)
2. Nathan Drake
3. Jodie Holmes (Beyond)
4. Yoshitsune (Genji)
5. Benkei (Genji) (just because he'd fit so well as the token heavy character)
6. Kratos
7. Nariko (Heavenly Sword)
8. Noire (Hyperdimension Neptunia) (She's the one that is supposed to represent the Playstation even though Neptune is the main character)
9. Old Snake (Solid Snake was remade, but Old Snake from Metal Gear 4 has yet to put on another console and represents the progression through Metal Gear being the last game in the series so far (timeline-wise)
10. Liquid Ocelot (Same as above and to get a few villians.)
11. Spectre (Ape Escape)
12. Nathan Hale (Resistance)
13. Sly Cooper
14. Jak and Daxter
15. Crash Bandicoot
16. Heihachi (Not an exclusive, but largely associated with Sony)
17. Ratchet and Clank
18. Sackboy (Little Big Planet)
19. Sev (Killzone)
20. Asagi (Disgaea)

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