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Post  Dwlr on Mon Aug 15, 2016 2:56 pm

The Division is a game that is poorly scaled and poorly explained within the game. The game lets you use whatever you please for most of the game, but by end game it's specifically scaled around heavy cover based crawls, but using the gear it's scaled around makes each mission take a coon's age, is grindy, and boring. You can subvert this poor scaling and pigeonholing through good gear further than the game intends you to be able to through some skill combinations that are admittedly worse and high enough Firearms even though Firearms is actually the worst stat of the 3 it can give you enough damage to focus fire some enemies without having to resort to Smart Cover abuse.

Picking your weapons
Choosing your tool of destruction is pretty important as the enemies get more dangerous you have to make sure your playstyle adjusts to stay relevant unless you're cheesing the game with a high Electronics Smart Cover build then you can honestly use whatever you won't and it just affects your effectiveness a bit and doesn't make or break you like it can without cheesing.

For your main weapon need some range that means you for sure need to take an Assault Rifle, LMG, DMR/Sniper Rifle, or an SMG. SMG - The SMG lacks any real range the longest range capping out at about 20 meters before modifications, but that can somewhat be mitigate with Optimum Range Gear to be usable at mid-range and tends to be stronger DPS wise within it's effective range, but again that range will always be shorter and tends to be a poor choice as a main weapon.

Sniper Rifle - These have high damage but a low firerate while it's called a Marksman Rifle I separate them based on their intended purpose with the low firerate weapons with high damage being what I'd call Sniper Rifles. The Sniper Rifles tend to have lower actual DPS but the high per bullet damage make them an ammo efficient choice for long ranges they all are 60 meters without before modifications so they maintain their damage and ensure that you're not expending a lot of ammo since Marksman rifle ammo pool is on the low side and if you're not taking Ammo Support Station you may need ammo to go further.

DMR - These are Marksman Rifles with a high firerate sitting from 200-300 unmodified, they have the highest DPS in the game provided you can and with the exception of the Dragunov (SVD) they still ahve a range of 60 meters the Dragunov has a lower range sitting at about 40 m still far enough to be effective but since it's an actual designated marksman rifle which is a rifle meant to be deployed with a squad instead of in a snipers nest it shows that by having the more appropriate lower range while still being longer than the standard assault rifles. The DMRs can run out of ammo quickly and to maintain their damage they require more effort on the shooters to ensure they get headshots, they're good but it can get old always having to lane every single headshot or fall behind DPS of other weapons such as the LMGs and as mentioned the Marksman Rifles have a relatively low max ammo pool which can cost you in a lengthy engagement without an Ammo Support Station.

LMG - LMGs are workhorses, they have solid range, maintain accuracy with sustained fire making them easy to use, they have a passive benefit to make it easier to suppress enemies and most importantly they tend to have good horizontal stability making their recoil easy to predict. The bonus damage to enemies outside of cover icing on the cake which makes LMGs tend to be stronger than Assault Rifles in DPS, but Assault Rifles tend to have a bit better burst damage and the increased ability to suppress enemies can be a negative so Assault Rifles avoid that as well. The big difference between the two is the pool of talents they can roll which are important and can make or break a weapon even with desirable base stats.

Assault Rifles - Assault Rifles have a solid range, solid accuracy, good burst damage and can roll some desirable talents to give them an edge over LMGs. Assault Rifles are basic weapons with good per bullet damage that help stretch your already sizeable ammo pool while giving you an effictive weapon to use at range, I'd consider the Assault Rifle the mid-point of all ranged weapons that you should compare your ranged weapon to since it's a good center point.

For your sub-weapon you need something to deal with close range quickly that means burst damage as a panic button and that means SMGs, Shotguns, or possibly an Assault Rifle.

SMG - As a sub-weapon SMGs can be solid they CAN deal damage quickly over a short period time while being fairly versatile making them a desirable choice and the former top choice for a weapon period, but with patch 1.3 they've fallen from grace and are relegated primarily as a sub-weapon where they find an alright niche.

Assault Rifle - Lower burst damage than an SMG, but more versatile, I'd only consider an Assault Rifle if you're able to stay back farther and won't need a panic button as much they make good sub-weapons for snipers or support characters that like to stay in the back.

Shotgun - Shotguns stagger, stagger saves lives when you're not abusing high Electronics Smart Cover so needless to say they're probably the top choice for a sub-weapon. They have extremely high burst damage as well making them good for PvP as well as PvE, but their flaw is they rely a bit on luck for that stagger chance, they have a low range, and they can be hard to use effectively, but outside of that they really can't be beat.

Sidearm has less options than the others and you have to decide between Pistol or a Sawed Off.

Pistol - Pistol is your DPS sidearm option, they all pale in comparison to a main weapon either due to being weaker DPS wise or just plain pitiable range. In the pistol options can have Magnum or a Semi-Auto. The Magnum is pretty useless as it can't have attachments which is silly since you should be able to mod the optics, muzzle, and even attach an underbarrel just missing a conventional clip with that said the underbarrel should be able to be a grip giving it an advantage over the Semi-Auto in that it doesn't have to take a laser sight, but regardless of what it should have it's just plain worse. Without modifications the Magnum has more range, but mods quickly make that only selling point moot when it was pretty minor to begin with. In terms of Semi-Autos they all pale in comparison to the First Wave X-45, but if you can't hit close to the firerate cap you're better off with a stronger weapon that fires caps a bit lower as you'll do more effective damage. The big benefit of a Pistol is that they can proc Sentry's Call stacks on headshots regardless of what your main weapon is, but if you're using Sentry's Call you should have a Marksman Rifle of some sort and would just use the pistol when you're forced to carry something.

Sawed Off - It's treated exactly the same as Shotgun so if you're using both your main weapons and still want a Shotgun then the Sawed Off remedies that albeit weaker than the actual Shotguns you could get in your main weapon slot so most of the time a Pistol is the better bet, but you're remiss not to have a Shotgun in some way shape or form and the Sawed Off gives you option if you're using both your main weapons for some way shape or form, but you will have a noted disadvantage when carrying items.

Modding a weapon
Modding your weapon can be a huge advantage and can turn a bad weapon into a very potent weapon so you need to make sure you do it right and since it's subjective what you can handle I'll just go over some basic guidelines.

Accuracy - This is your weapons bloom, high accuracy means less bloom on repeated firing pretty simple and pretty straight forward, you want this stat high to keep your shots on point.

Stability - Stability is actually divided into 3 stats Initial Stability, Horizontal Stability, and Stability. Stability has a soft cap of 50 and decreases in efficacy past that. The overall stability stat is weight Initial Stability is weight least while Horizontal Stability is the heaviest. Stable weapon mod only affects Stability which is why you don't see the listed bonus to stability and it appears to be a small fraction of the actual stat.
-Stability - This is your vertical component of recoil, this tends to be more manageable than Horizontal Stability and thus not a big priority a lot of times.
-Horizontal Stability - Pretty straightforward it lessens the Horizontal Recoil which since Horizontal Recoil is pretty random in when and how it will move lowering the amount it moves is probably the most valuable component of Stability.
-Initial Bullet Stability - This applies to the first bullet after the bloom fully recoups so it's completely wasted and should be avoided at all cost since it's pretty much completely wasted finding on minor use with LMGs.

Optimum Range - Optimum Range is the Range and weapon can fire before the damage begins to fall off it's a very important stat as if you attempt to shoot outside your effective range then you're start bleeding DPS extremely quickly with that said at a certain point you can usually just move up and a lot of engagements aren't far enough to need an extremely large range so boosting it can be superfluous after a certain point. SMGs will likely need to maximize this if using it as a main weapon likewise maximizing you Pistols Optimum Range will give you a large efficacy boost when you're forced to use a Pistol.

Hip-fire Accuracy - Same as Accuracy but only applies to Accuracy when fired from the hip as the name says. Can be good for Shotguns, but it's typically better to hard aim.

Everything else should be straightforward.

If you want to abuse the game then Electronics is king, but if you don't you want to make sure you have about 400k Toughness at end game then it's a matter of making sure your weapon talents are running and then it's far more important to make sure you have damage modifiers running such as Elite Enemy Damage or Headshot Damage as that's going to add more damage than optimizing your Firearms. Your gear talents are also more important than your raw stats with the best talents being part of gear sets making their utilization important.

Something like Lonestar has a good 3 piece, but can have a poor 4 piece. In this example Lonestar gives 1000 LMG damage and 1000 Shotgun damage both are very useful weapons I'd argue a Shotgun is 100% required in some way shape and form and the LMG can be rolled to be an optimal weapon making it one of the best, but it's 4 piece bonus just lets you reload your weapon by switching weapons this really favors the long reloads of the LMGs and Shotguns letting you switch back and forth with impunity so you're always ready should the situation cause for a quick switch from long to short range without having to deal with the abysmal Shotgun reload times and additionally gets you back to dealing long range damage at full capacity considering if you switch to the Shotgun they're likely rushing you with Flamethrowers or Shotgun and you switched mid LMG mag. You can also use a Shotgun and a Sawed Off and switch between them to keep a stream of Shotgun shells should you need them and thanks to the free reload so while it is useful it's not a 45% increase in damage for your entire team either which Sentry's also has solid partial gear as well. You have to decide where to stop on each set you can run a 4 piece set and get the final bonus but on some sets like Lonestar you may really want that 3 piece set bonus and then decide that you don't need the 4 piece and could do a 3/3 with another set or a 3/2 with a High End gear with a good talent such as Savage which can appear on gloves and is fairly decent for a single gear item though if you're doing 2 partial gears you have to make sure you're doing meaningful splits. For instance Savage High End Gear with Striker's Battle Gear 3 piece is a pretty good combination and if you're not running a full auto the 4 piece Striker's Battle Gear is lack luster so Sentry's Call with it's Headshot damage can be fairly effective should drops not fall your way considering how strong a 4 piece Sentry's Call gear bonus is if you're running a DMR which is really your main non-full auto option. Most of the time when going for a gear set you want all 4 pieces as the bonuses tend to get better as you go further down.

Active Skills
If you don't want to absolutely cheese the game simply avoid a maxed out Smart Cover which caps out at a 60% damage reduction on top of your Armor's damage reduction, but since Shotgunners can kill even the stoutest of players in 2 shots without it you have to compensate somehow.

Pulse (Tactical Scanner) - Pulse provides a large damage buff, but I wouldn't call it cheesing the game like Smart Cover even when capped out at 40% Crit Chance which can actually bring your Crit Chance up to 100% combine that with the boosted Crit Damage it's a fairly large buff as I said, but since you have to still play somewhat tactically the buff in and of itself doesn't make you a killing machine, it is however quite strong. It's not going to save you from a rushing Shotgunner though so bear that in mind.

Sticky Bomb (Flash) - Flash Grenade has a low cooldown and stuns reliably over a wide area it's quite useful for a variety of scenarios and gives you a method to survive rushing shotgunners without extremly high damage mitigation due hp values at the higher levels you may need two ways to stun rushing enemies or a means to re-use your own Sticky Bomb before the stun completely wears off and you die nearly instantly.

Seeker Mine (Gas) - Easy to use stun that can turn corners for pop-out utility over Sticky Bomb it makes for a good combo with a Flash Bang for covering different scenarios and the stun is slightly better on the Gas Mine, but the cooldown is longer so it's a bit of a trade-off.

Support Station (Ammo or Revive) - Support station gives ranged hands free revive opportunities and the Ammo Station fixes some potential ammo issues with certain weapon classes such as Marksman Rifles.

First Aid (Any) - Defib is range healing, overdose is better healing and can give an overheal, and Booster Shot reduces healing but gives you a damage boost. If your Electronics is high enough you may not miss the extra healing but you will miss the overheal giving you a bit a cushion. Overdose tends to provide the best benefit given at higher level you can lose all your health very quickly so healing back to full and getting an overshield from your last bar of health is pretty handy.

There are very few useful talents to be honest so there's not much of a choice.

Critical Save - Pretty much a must the damage reduction tends to keep you from dying right away after using an emergency med kit on your last bar of health it can also be used to give some dirty damage reduction for doing objectives by intentionally letting yourself be wounded to pop a med kit and then start an objective though you likely still need to combine it with either an overheal or additional damage reduction but it's a great regardless.

One is None - Has a 50% chance of not consuming a bullet on a headshot essentially extending your Magazine capacity on average of 50%. This is turns a 100 round magazine into a 150 round magazine on average assuming every round hits the head making it one of the best DPS boosting skill in the game however this is sustained DPS not burst DPS so take it with a grain of salt depending on the weapon you're using it can extremely useful or simply good, but great.

Strike Back - Cooldown for an Emergency heal is pretty efficacious, with a little digging you can do better, but it's a reliable skill that is reliably beneficial.

Wildfire/Fear Tactics - Spreading status is nice, but it's pretty situational, Wildfire is better since you can use Incendiary Bullets.

Battle Buddy - Given how often people die at high levels damage reduction is nice to have and it helps the person you just revived too. It of course works much better when working with a team that is working together and communicate as the skill suggests it's good for somebody you know has your back. If you aren't reviving a lot this skill is poor. If you can coordinate your buddy killing himself you can use the damage reduction for picking up objectives in 10 second intervals while your previously suicided buddy covers you with his own large damage reduction.

Shock and Awe - Movement Speed in most games is great, in the Division it's pretty useful situationally, it's better with LMG uses for supressing enemies to use as a way of gaining movement speed, but it doesn't do much if the enemy isn't using cover or you are under immediate threat and don't have time to suppress before moving such as shotgunners rushing you.

Tactical Advance - Weapon Damage is nice, but Cover to Cover moves can be tricky to use effectively since being exposed tends to lead in a horrible violent death.

Tech Support - If you're not cheesing you lose a bit of utility here, but it's a pretty good skill unfortunately it does require the last shot to trigger.

Evasive Action - More or less makes Cover to Cover moves viable it's not amazing Damage Reduction, but it's enough to make it a smart method of moving should you have to move.

On the Move - Damage Reduction is nice, but requires the last shot to trigger which causes issues, but the boost itself is good for quickly killing weaker enemies such as the hard mode dailies, but when the enemies life starts boosting and you start needing a team to survive it's utility drops rather quickly so while in theory it's on of the best talents in the game for the hardest sections it's not very useful.

Precision - Is a convenient skill with so many people running Pulse it doesn't give you much advantage in a team that is running Pulse at a near constant rate. There are 2 skills that can be rolled on your equipment called Pulse Critical Chance and Pulse Critical Hit Damage, this stat doesn't care whether or not you activate the skill Pulse or not so it applies when your teammate uses the skill, but also when you use Precision to Pulse and enemy granting you bonus DPS that can be fairly significant and certainly outweigh boosting stats like Firearms. It's good for solo players or players not running in a team that keeps Pulse running as it boosts burst damage since Pulse mods on gear are rather common.

Combat Medic - Noted here since it NO LONGER increases the amount of healing Medkits provide to yourself when using a Medkit so it ONLY heals surrounding teammates and is thus fairly lackluster.

Steady Hands - Pretty basic and pretty obvious benefit if you have trouble controlling recoil Steady Hands is a solid choice, it's very friendly for poor players when the effect wears off hop of cover and hit the same cover to reapply simply enough and as safely as popping up to actually shoot. While a steady gun finds not benefit at all here and can be negated by player skill it applies to Horizontal and Vertical Stability, so be sure to pick this up if you have an unstable weapon.

What does this mean for the average player? Well several things there are several builds that benefit different types of play some not using the talents listed because they require a niche roll, but those should be fairly evident such as Traige if you're a dedicated Healer. Also not included is specific PVP talents as those require niche builds as well.

The average player will want:
Critical Save - This skill does just that it gives you invaluable seconds after being injured if you can get your medkit off it. *Pretty much Mandatory for almost everybody*

One is None - The DPS boost from this ability even if it is sustained DPS and not really burst DPS over a short period of time is the highest of any talent by far, it also saves you a staggering amount of ammo. *Pretty much Mandatory for almost everybody especially useful for Marksman Rifles and Shotgun users as they tend to have lower clips and high Burst Damage that can be extended greatly through the use of this skill*

Precision - The boost in DPS here is burst Damage and pretty significant as mentioned a group can negate it's purpose entirely, but it's easy enough to switch out if that happens. *Pretty much mandatory if you suspect you won't have Pulse up when you personally need it this skill is extremely useful and not hard to activate*

Strike Back - This one because whether you're solo or in a group if you're dying you're a burden. Strike Back can be used to reapply Smart Cover if you're cheesing the game and you're the only one sporting Smart Cover or if your other person with Smart Cover dies, it helps you regain First Aid should you be on your own and need healing, but it also synergizes with stun skills such as Flash Sticky Bomb. You WILL take damage eventually either when Smart Cover drops or if you're actually playing the game and not cheesing the later you'll be dropped to one bar by a single Shotgun hit forcing you to use a Medkit for Critical Save and using Strike Back to apply your First Aid to get an overheal that lets you survive a shotgunner rush long enough to stun him or run and hope your teammates bail you out of your predicament. *Replaceable, Strike Back is a basic benefit that can be afforded to anybody regardless of playstyle making it a versatile last skill, but tailoring to your own playstyle with your last talent can provide a larger benefit*

Seems silly but bright colors are easier to see and easier to distinguish you from an enemy or see you on the ground if you're dead or dying so dress brightly when in doubt.

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