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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Character Creation guidelines Empty Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Character Creation guidelines

Post  Dwlr on Sat Nov 19, 2016 12:45 pm

Appearance Sliders
Yes your appearance does affect your stats specifically the height and weight sliders.

Min Height = +15% Speed Boost
Small = +10% Speed and +5% Health
Large = +5% Speed and +10% Health
Max Height = +15% Health Bonus

Fairly straight forward the smaller you are the faster you are whereas the taller you are the more damage you can take incidentally this does affect your hit boxes as well so being small has the added bonus of being harder to hit and being tall has the added bonus of increased reach with the same inverse negatives taller is easier to hit and smaller has less reach.

Health tends to be the superior option for the Defense classes i.e Namekian and Majin.

Speed tends to be the superior option when your health is already decreased and you're focused on being a Glass Cannon i.e Saiyan and Frost Demons.

Humans lean slightly towards being offensive with Ki regenerating automatically to fuel their attacks and an attack boost when maxed out on Ki, but they have enough health to benefit from increased health as well.

In terms of how you compare to other characters:
Min Height is about Krillin's size, basically making your character a child sized character.
Small Height is about Videl's size or Teen Gohan's size, making you either pretty standard size for Females or adolescent for Males.
Large Height is about Piccolo's size which makes you fairly tall, but not a giant unfortunately you can't really hit average human size.
Max height is comparable to Nappa's size or Lord Slug's size which more or less makes you a giant.

Light = +15% Ki Blast Supers, -15% Basic Attack and -15% Strike Supers
Average = No benefits or negatives.
Heavy = +15% Basic Attacks and +15% Strike Supers, -15% Ki Blast Supers

Likewise pretty straightforward the larger your physique the more you're geared towards Strikes versus small physique favoring Ki.

Genders play a large role into what types of attacks your character prefers the basic gist of it is that Males prefer Strike and Basic attacks and Females prefer Ki attacks.

For this break down I'm separating Basic Attacks and Strike Supers though they are tied to the same weight some Characters simply suck at both kinds of Specials, but have decent Basic Attacks likewise some Characters prefer neither Special over another excelling in both, but have poor Basic Attacks so if you see a Character listed twice it's not a typo. If a character is not listed they equally bad/good at everything that it's purely personal preference. I will denote in parenthesis which a Character is better in relative to the other Characters using a + for the trait they are better in and a - for the trait they are worse in if they have a conflict i.e they're good at Ki Blast Supers and are also good at either Strike Supers or Basic Attacks.

Characters that prefer Strike Supers are: Female Saiyan (-), Male Earthling, Female Majin
Characters that prefer Basic Attacks are: Male Saiyan, Female Majin, Frost Demons (+)
Characters that prefer Ki Blast Supers are: Female Saiyan (+), Female Earthling, Frost Demons (-)

The Racial screen can be a bit misleading when a character says they have High Attack that can be any category for instance a Female Saiyan's Basic Attack is one of the lowest, but they have the best Ki Blast Supers in the game and they also have strong Strike Supers which overall can be said that they have high "Attack" meanwhile a Male Saiyan has Basic Attacks that are second to none, but both Supers aren't exactly amazing.

-High Attack
-Attack rises when below 25% Health
-All Stats rise upon being revived

-Low Health
-Situational buffs favor comebacks which mean lower scores

-High Health
-Health Regenerates when below 30% and will regenerate upto 30% at most
-Faster Stamina Regeneration
-Items are 1.5x more effective

-Low Attack

-Ki Regenerates passively
-Attack rises when at max Ki
-Balanced Stats

-Can only use one or the other Special to any decent effect depending on gender.
-Limited transformations
-Sub-par Basic Attacks

-High Defense
-Defense rises when at max Stamina

-Slow Stamina Regen

Frost Demons
-High Speed
-Speed rises when below 50% Health
-Stamina Regenerates from attacking

-Low Health

Gender Benefits
Gender only compares differences within the race, they're not indicative of any benefit outside of their race.

Male - Strong Basic Attacks and longer lasting Buffs (abilities or items) at the expense of weaker Ki Blast Specials and Strike Specials.
Female - Increased Ki and Stamina Recovery Rate at the expense of weak Basic Attacks and lower Health.

Male - Strong Strike Supers at the cost of weak Ki Supers
Female - Strong Ki Supers at the cost of weaker everything else (HP, Strike Supers, and Basic Attacks)

Male - High Health at the cost of low Movement Speed
Female - High Movement Speed and faster recovery from Stamina Break at the cost of Low Health.

All characters regardless of race and gender get the same amount of Ki and Stamina so in a sense all the characters are on equal terms in 2 of the 6 stats, but this quickly gets thrown out the window when you factor in recovery rates and usage rates from transformations for instance a Namekian may have high Stamina Regen so you may think you can get by with taking less Max Stamina, but Giant Form consumes Stamina at a steady rate so that pool of Stamina might be more important to you than a high Max Ki.

Male Saiyans
Male Saiyans have the highest Basic Attacks and their racial benefit of improving their attack when below 25% means it makes sense to boost Basic Attacks as high as it can go to play on their greatest strength. Their Strike Supers and Ki Blast Supers are decent meaning you can boost either along with their Maximum Ki and be fine. Their Health is extremely poor so boosting it would be marginally beneficial, but boosting Max Stamina can serve as improved defense through Z-Vanishes, you also have Ki-based defensive skills you could use to offset your low Health.

Main Stat: Basic Attack
Weak Stat: Health
No preference between Strike Supers and Ki Blast Supers with both being relatively high making you any secondary stat up to personal preferences which your physique choices should determine

Female Saiyans
Female Saiyans are all about using Ki. Both Ki Blast Supers and Strike Supers are strong, but they're second to none in Ki Blast Supers so that should be their main focus. Increased Ki Recovery and Stamina Recovery helps both their offense and defense which helps make up for their low Health albeit requiring an active means of survival. Their Basic Attack is bottom of the barrel so you need to make sure you have enough Ki to deal your damage with your Supers.

Main Stats: Max Ki and Ki Blast Super
Secondary Stat: Strike Super
Weak Stats: Health and Basic Attack

Namekians have high survivability through their High Health stat, Health Regeneration when below 70% health, and their increased Stamina Recovery Speed this comes at a price that both their Strike Supers and Ki Blast Supers are sub-par particularly their Strike Supers. Fortunately Namekians have a decent Basic Attack so they can still deal damage albeit at a slower means since Basic Attacks in general are weaker than Supers. This however does mean that Namekians aren't terribly reliant on Ki as both attacks that use Ki are already sub-par freeing you up to take Stamina if you so wish as Giant Form drains Stamina at a constant rate, you still should keep in the back of the mind that once Stamina Broken it will take longer to regain all your Stamina if you have a larger pool so you have to find a happy balance between Giant Form duration and the potential Stamina Broken State duration and Ki can still be useful for defensive skills that help you save some Stamina for emergencies since increased Stamina Regeneration only goes so far.

Main Stats: Health and Basic Attack
Secondary Stat: Stamina
Weak Stats: Strike Super and Ki Blast Super

Male Earthling
Male Earthlings are second to none in Strike Supers that coupled with their passive Ki Regeneration make them a good Strike Super specialist. They have solid HP however so you can make them semi-defensive if you feel like you need to making them pretty versatile between offense and defense, but only at close range since their Ki Blast Supers are quite sub-par as well as their Basic Attacks.

Main Stat: Strike Super
Secondary Stats: Ki and Health
Weak Stats: Basic Attack and Ki Blast Super

Female Earthling
Female Earthlings are basically like the Male Earthlings only Ki Blast based, they suffer a little in Health and Basic Attacks in comparison, with absolute bottom of the barrel Strikes, but they make good supporting characters with their passive Ki Regeneration and affinity for ranged combat. I wouldn't rank them high enough in Health for it to be worth taking Health points whereas the Male Earthling could probably afford to take  a few points in Health and get a solid benefit, they're better off playing the Glass Cannon role like Female Saiyan, but with less need to actively dodge to stay alive since the Health is passable on the Female Earthling.

Main Stat: Ki Blast Super
Secondary Stat: Ki
Weak Stats: Basic Attack and Strike Super

Male Majin
Male Majins have the highest Health and too boot they have increased Defense making the Male Majin your outright tank, they suffer with poor Movement Speed and Stamina Regeneration, but they can more than make up for it by using Ki Blasts and using Ki for defense rather than relying on Z-Vanishes so they can try to keep their Stamina topped off to gain access to further Defense. Male Majins have poor attacking stats all around so you get to make a personal preference choice on what you want to use by tailoring you stat preferences to match what your physique choices enhance, given the generally portly default size of Male Majin it's easy to make them Heavy without any regret to your character looking fat which will let you focus on Basic Attacks so you can save Ki for Defense instead of using Stamina.

Main Stat: Health
Secondary Stat: Ki
Weak Stats: Basic Attack, Strike Super, and Ki Blast Super

Female Majin
Female Majin are just plain odd, they have increased Defense, but low Health kind of making it a moot point, they're quite unlike their Male counterparts and they have solid Strike Supers and Basic Attacks but bottom of the barrel Ki Blast Supers despite being female who's gender trend is to be Energy based. They unlike their Male counterparts are defaulted to a thinner appearance which makes it hard for me personally to justify a Heavy physique which goes against their natural inclination of stats which physique is weighted more heavily than the actual attributes you assign so chances are most will be Light which favors Ki Blast Supers despite being extremely poor at Ki Blasts and should still be built around them to match their physique benefits rather than their natural inclinations fortunately having such poor base health they can take a Small or Min Height and still look relatively normal increasing their speed to give them an advantage when pressing an attack.

Main Stat: Strike Super
Secondary Stats: Basic Attack and Ki
Weak Stats: Health and Ki Blast Super

Frost Demon
Frost Demons are quick and strong, but scrap the bottom of the barrel in the Health department. Stamina Regenerating from attacking serves to off-set their poor Health and with their increased Speed it's fairly easy to regain Stamina. Frost Demons have high Basic Attacks and also high Ki Blast Supers which favor a hit and run playstyle switching between the two. Quick Stamina Regen from fighting means they can probably get by with less Stamina than a lot of the other Characters, but they also may need some Ki-based defensive skills to off-set their low Health since it is so low.

Main Stats: Basic Attack and Ki Blast Super
Secondary Stat: Ki
Weak Stats: Strike Super and Health

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Character Creation guidelines Empty Re: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Character Creation guidelines

Post  Dwlr on Tue Nov 29, 2016 2:45 am

These builds disregard any aesthetics and focus purely on what is good for the class so take them with a grain of salt as shifting the aesthetic sliders can definitely shift your build one way or the other very easily as the bonus stat points you can add tend to be less than what the aesthetic sliders can do to your character so bear that in mind when adding your own stat points since I'm personally in the school that aesthetics take priority over min-maxing since if you don't like how your character looks you prolly will always have that burned into the back of your head where if you win without a min-maxed character that just means you're all the better player for it so you can have that warm fuzzy feeling that you won with somebody you actually like. You get a total of 332 stat points at level 80. You gain 1 bar of Ki or Stamina in increments of 42 normally however you get do get a full bar maxing the stat out at 125 which is technically a deal if you want to go that route. QQ Bangs are equivalent to stacking 4 pieces of equipment that give the listed stats on top of each other so you can think of them as 20 units when maxed instead of 5 which is the actual max per piece of clothing. The full 5 on a QQ Bang is equivalent to a full bar of Ki or Stamina and likewise is equal to about 40 points in each other stat so a good rule of thumb is multiply the displayed stat by 8 on a QQ Bang or by 2 on a piece clothing if you're not using a QQ Bang. *Disclaimer the QQ Bangs even following the recipe aren't 100% in what you get and there could be other QQ Bangs that are better than ones that are currently known given the RNG in obtaining stats and the number of recipes in the game*

Male Saiyan
Min Height
Health - 0
Ki - 125
Stamina - 42
Basic Attack - 125
Strike - 40
Blast - 0
QQ Bang (Beserker Suit Shoes + Frieza Saga Vegeta Armor Chest + Senzu Bean Sprout)
Health - 0
Ki - 2
Stamina - 5
Basic Attack - 5
Strike - -1
Blast - -5
The Male Saiyan's Strike and Blast are equal however the Female Super Saiyan does blasts better and you're aesthetic sliders lean you towards Strike specials so playing on that taking some additional damage in your Strike will let you effectively use Strike Specials as finishers to basic combos increasing your damage substantially. While Ki isn't your primary concern you do need a high Ki stat to be able to transform into a Super Saiyan which has very few downsides for the Male Saiyan who isn't using Ki very often and thus aren't too terribly affected by the slower Ki generation and can reap the benefits from the increased power and defense that comes with Super Saiyan particularly SSJ3 or Future Super Saiyan for the Male variant depending on what you're looking for. Health is so low that boosting it pretty pointless so a bit of extra Stamina tends to be a better option for survivability and you can even move the 40 from Strike to Stamina which won't give you a full extra bar, but it's still extra Stamina if you care for a more defensive build. With your primary source of damage being Basic Attacks you can afford to take a defensive Ki skill to supplement your survivability with minimal impact to your offenses. A Super Soul that gives you a solid Ki type as a substitute to Ki Supers can keep you from being poor at range even decreasing your Blast. For your QQ Bang it's paramount to max your Basic Atttack and important to preserve both your Ki and Stamina without going negative on your Health as it's already low. The loss in Blast is of little consequence if you use your basic charge Ki Blasts as your ranged attacks while losing strike does hurt your combo finishers it's not going decrease it low enough that it's still not worthwhile to use Strike Supers to finish your combos.

Female Saiyan
Min Height
Health - 40
Ki - 125
Stamina - 42
Basic Attack - 0
Strike - 0
Blast - 125
QQ Bang (Goku's Turtle Hermit Gi (Go) Boots + Wild Ride Suit Boots + Senzu Bean Sprout)
Health - 3
Ki - 2
Stamina - -2
Basic Attack - 2
Strike - -5
Blast - 5
The Female Saiyan is all about Blast so maxing out your Ki and Blast are a priority. You do have to fight eventually so Basic Attack though weak is a vital stat and taking too much away from it will leave you at a disadvantage. Obviously with low health Stamina is your friend so taking that to -5 isn't a great option either. With the QQ Bang selected you get a fair amount of Health so the excess stat points can go there instead of Basic Attack to give you a more reliable benefit since you mainly want to be using your Blasts as a form of attack so buffing Basic Attack isn't going to give a large benefit if you're using your Ki effectively. Since you're so centered around Ki and your aesthetic sliders are already taking away from Basic Attack and Strike you'll want Ki finishers like Blast Cannon that can be appended to the end of your Basic Attacks for that extra damage when you are trying to generate Ki through combat or just need some extra room. While not really a min-max build centered solely on Blasts you are mostly relying on your Ki so the added survivability means you shouldn't need Ki-based survivability specials which frees up the added slot for another offensive ability.

Max height
Health - 125
Ki - 42
Stamina - 42
Basic Attack - 123
Strike - 0
Blast - 0
QQ Bang (Towa Pants + Goku Tracksuit Top (GTT) + Senzu Beansprout)
Health - 5
Ki - 5
Stamina - -2
Basic Attack - 5
Strike - -5
Blast - -3
The only real reason to pick the Namekian is the Health Regen, whilst it won't help you get a good score it definitely can help you stay alive especially when you boost your Health as high as it can go increasing the net amount of punishment you can actually take while you're below 30% Health. The Namekian has solid Basic Attack which is good in that both Strike and Blast are sub-par. Stamina and Ki are both important, but Ki is more important to enter Unlock Potential which requires 5 bars of Ki to activate which between 42 stat points and 5 from a QQ Bang you have 7 bars max so it's nice to have a little wiggle room there. You can take the shot in Stamina thanks to faster Stamina Regeneration, but it's not with impunity so you still want to limit it's loss. Strike tends to be better than Blast when you have solid Basic Attack since you can used charged Ki Blasts as s substitute to actual Blast Supers, but they're both equally poor on the Namekian and Blast has the option to cover both range and end of basic combo finisher moves so you really only miss out on stand alone attacks which firing a Ki Blast without some sort of lead in is generally just a waste of Ki whereas a Strike used cold has a much better chance of hitting something. The build for Basic Attack does work against your Blasts however which is a shot, but as long as you keep Health, Ki, Stamina, and Basic Attack viable you're fine as a Namekian.

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