Destiny: First MMOFPS or just over ambitious advertising?

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Destiny: First MMOFPS or just over ambitious advertising? Empty Destiny: First MMOFPS or just over ambitious advertising?

Post  Dwlr on Wed Oct 01, 2014 4:22 pm

Destiny is a new FPS title by Halo developer Bungie and was originally hailed as a new generation of gaming branded by being the first true MMOFPS, but considering there is a maximum of 16 players to a game you might say it's just an OFPS forget massively multiplayer when several existing shooters have more per match.

Destiny's first flaw is how it was marketed it in which it failed to deliver on the content in which it was marketed. Destiny is more akin to Titanfall in that the majority of the game is really PvP and like Titanfall it thinks it's PvP is the best around. While not openly dedicated to only PvP Destiny pushes it around every corner from 4/5 factions using the PvP earned crucible marks to most exotic weapon bounties requiring a forced PvP element. Destiny's second shortcoming goes with the first, it's story is short, like beat it in one dedicated afternoon if you want to short. The base storyline you travel to the Earth, Moon, Venus, and Mars ignoring that Venus is a molten fireball and they made it into a subtropical paradise each location has about 6-7 missions which if you aren't overly cautious will take you about 10 minutes each in reality which runs the story to about 4-5 hours. Now the majority of the PvE experience comes in the form of Strikes or Patrols. Strikes are the only PvE matchmaking in which the game is gracious enough to set you up with a comparable level team with 2 other people however you can't speak to these people and there is no other screening other than character level so you tend to get parties that leave in the middle of the Strike or kill random enemies while the everybody else does the actual mission since you don't have to contribute to get credit for the win. Patroling is where you'll spend the vast majority of your time in Destiny and it can be summed up as just wandering around the locations freely doing small side missions for a very small amount of reputation or collecting hundreds of materials to upgrade your Legendary or higher gear. (Each piece takes about 100 of a certain material and you harvest 1-2 from each resource location not counting what you find in the occasional chest.) The final PvE mode is the Vault of Glass, Bungie's take on a Raid. You and upto 5 other people take on an artificial difficult mission for honestly mediocre rewards, each Raid can take you upto 3 hours to complete and there is no match-making so you'll need to actually have those 5 friends with free schedules to even attempt to participate. 3 hours sounds like a lot of time sure, but the record for the fastest raid is around 30-40 minutes which is about the time it takes an average 3-person team to complete a Strike and Bungie divided it into segment so you can finish it in intervals breaking up the time block you have to spend on it. The Raid is really designed to kill you nothing more, instead of facing and Epic Boss or an Army of Darkness you face several trials where there is a chance you die instantly through various techniques it's mostly designed for team coordination which is the excuse why there is no match-making, but in an MMO-mentality game you have no way of assembling your own party easily since there is no support of any form of nearby chat where you can write out "LF party 4 Vault of Glass", if you want to do that you'll have to manually message each person high enough and to make matter worse for the individual people can only get Vault of Glass rewards once a week so chances are you are never going to luck into a party for it. Since the game forces PvP so much lets talk about that for awhile now, the PvP basically a shallow version of Halo multiplayer which I personally felt it was terribly overrated, but I digress. Destiny allows you carry your level and equipment into multiplayer on certain modes giving innate advantages to grinders and those who are blessed by the RNG gods, not all modes carry a level advantage however so if there is still hope unfortunately their weapons still carry over in these other modes so if you aren't atleast lvl 20 with legendary gear you're at a disadvantage regardless if there is a level advantage or not. The actual gameplay of the PvP is sub-standard IMO you have your fair share of OHKOs some of which are unique to certain classes and then other classes have certain advantages in other modes such as the Titan Defender having an advantage in control modes since he can make an indestructible shield. Why is this a problem when everybody has the same opportunity to be any class you ask? Time, time plays a role in having multiple characters and simply there isn't really enough variation between them to feel like a unique experience outside small PvP advantages in certain modes. The basic gameplay is that of any other shooter with poor mechanics, characters are pretty floaty and slow making it one of the whoever spots whom first wins scenario the majority of the time which works for some people (CoD fans), but doesn't personally appeal to me and objectively speaking Destiny's slower pace and smaller team size subtracts from it further than CoD does.

-The AI is decently intelligent
-No need to grind at all through the entire main game
-Relatively varied enemies
-All classes can use any weapon so any class can be viably used
-The game looks solid graphically
-Legendary and Exotic equipment is buyable ensuring that with enough time you will get high quality gear. (the latter with some limitations)

-Once you hit twenty you have to grind for gear with light to do pretty much anything else PvE wise
-Short Story mode
-Shallow PvP
-PvP uses loot acquired through game creating real advantages based on luck of the RNG
-No matchmaking outside of a single PvE mode
-No nearby chat to form your own party
-Artificial difficulty past level 20 (Enemies become bullet sponges and deal more damage, it's not about the enemy getting smarter or changing tactics)
-No punishment to players leaving early in match made activities
-Pushes PvP constantly
-Vangaurd Mark (PvE legendary currency) equipment is extremely limited
-Servers tend to drop you.
-Requires Xbox Live to even play
-Poor connection hinders performance greatly
-The Game pointless limits characters to 1 Exotic Weapon and 1 Exotic Armor when their quirks are only good for certain playstyles and/or builds and the amount of Light on Exotic Armor is just artificial high to make them seem just plain better than Legendary Armor
-Agility Stat lacks any significant effect to encourage using over Battle Recovery or Armor giving an innate disadvantage to the Hunter class stats wise.
-Trolls impact co-op match made activities and there's no need for it
--Ward of Dawn (Titan Defender's ability) be actively harmful when used poorly or to cause grief for other players
--Other Players can kill players with the Sparrow despite there not being friendly fire
--Other Players can block players with their character causing unneeded problems
--Players can't be shot through by other players making it possible for the trolls to not only not help, but stop the Damage of an additional player

Destiny misses it's marks on advertising and suffers from thinking it is much better than it is, like many guilty pleasure games such as Dynasty Warriors you can find enjoyment despite the flaws however you have to accept that the game is deeply flawed in and of itself. Through the short story the game is actually pretty solid, but since it is so short it's hard to recommend.

Overall Destiny wants to be a good game and has that potential but falls short a 4/10.

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