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EDF: Insect Armegeddon Armor and Weapons Empty EDF: Insect Armegeddon Armor and Weapons

Post  Dwlr on Fri Jan 25, 2013 1:34 pm

For simplicity reasons I'm only doing Tier7 weapons when doing DPS calcs, you can propagate backwards as the ratios remain pretty much the same as they tend to be upgrades of each other rather than new weapons. Also this assumes no active reload or missed reload. Missed reloads obviously reduce DPS and active reloads increase DPS

1. Trooper - The Trooper the second highest movement speed in the game, second highest life, third in terms of damage mitigation, heals extra from Armor Packs drastically increasing overall survivability, improved dodge allowing the ability to easily dodge most Hector shots something the Battle Armor can't do and the Tactical Armor has some minor trouble with, lastly the trooper has increased reload speed essentially increasing the DPS output to deceptive levels. Overall I'd call the Trooper easily the best Armor in the game, the damage from the guns of the trooper gives you decent ability to deal with carriers.

2. Tactical - The Tactical armor retains enough mobility to serve effectively out survive the Battle armor, with the Auto Cannon turret the DPS is roughly equal to the Battle armor, however it will not target carriers so you definitely suffer against them. The Rocket turret is decent against ant hills and nests, but it's dps isn't nearly that of the Auto Cannon, the Missle turret is the best against air otherwise it has the lowest damage of the advanced turrets. The Radar and the Proximity Mine IMO aren't worth sacrificing a slot for. The definite weakness is against Carriers and Hector Class 2s but those are the only weaknesses the Tactical armor otherwise out performs the Battle armor in ease of use and ability to survive and revive.

3. Battle - The Battle armor has the highest DPS which comes into play against carriers more than against mobs. The Bug Zapper gives you an extra kick against the quick ticks which is nice, but otherwise depletes your shield that you need to keep fairly high as your mobility greatly suffers. Blastwave is great when surrounded, but leaves you vulnerable afterwards so it's hit and miss especially if anything survives it. The shield itself offers more survivability than the extra health bar and damage mitigation and is the only reason most of the time you just don't die instantly, but you can't outrun anything so you get hit so much more often that the Tactical armor ends up being the most durable.

4. Jet - If you go by straight numbers the Jet armor is technically the second highest, but the Jet armor's highest DPS is in the form or a Rocket Launcher so everything will be flying everywhere and you're liable to blow yourself up so I wouldn't say it's better than an Assault Rifle. The Jet armor has the highest mobility, but it isn't really high enough to merit the extremely low survivability and the flight ability is near worthless as you can't sustain it and it costs energy to reload so using can potentially lock your weapons all together. If you have a full team however you might be able to play a support role with Snipers and the Pesticide Sniper is IMO the best as the blast radius is so large it's near impossible to use them without blowing yourself or your team up without being able to target long distances which the sniper version can.

Trooper Weps
Norwood AR-H - 4093.02
Fleebus M-ARS a9 - 5118.21
Xinxabec Hemisect s3 (Drop) - 8124.27 (Forks)
Norwood AR-H B - 4093.02 (Bounces)
Beezy Remhod u/x - 2177.91
Tustin Septimuth - 2267.67 (Spread)
El Gigante (Battle DLC) - 4260.26 (Airburst)
RLF-17 Floorboard (Jet DLC) - 2114.25 (Airburst)
Pesticide Gun (Tier 8) - 31250.00
Hammurabi LAW Mk. 6 - 1638.10
y-16 Gorgona (Drop) - 1415.28
Clontarf GL6 - 2346.77
Dunruh BrickBat m3 - 4007.39
Dunruh NailBat d.3 (Drop) - 3296.59 (Sticky)
Clontarf ChronoCluster 4 (Drop) - 5320.13 (Timed)
Povros SSG12r - 4731.28
Notch LLC Uberchoke (Drop) - 4664.68
Povros SSG12HX (Drop) - 2217.77 (Homing)
McGurgen FZ - 4326.97

If you're avoiding Pesticide Guns I'd take the Fleebus M-ARS a9 and Dunruh Brickbat m3 the later being for Ant Hills and Nests if you have the Battle DLC the I'd take the El Gigante.

VanSnaster 11-6 - 3314.29
Shystem Arms PDW-TP - 3270.00
Bx-18 Fonbisco H4 - 1794.50 (Homing)
Norwood APSMG vE (Drop) - 3296.84 (Piercing)
Wennyn-Seltura B33 - 1881.67
Lipdikro Vole (Drop) - 2853.43 (Airburst)
T-21 Nungus - 1138.33 (Airburst into Guided)
Leviticus 06W - 2168.28
Longest Wattkins (Drop) - 1136.82 (Airburst)
O/DMS-M4 - 2610.67
Orligan/Darnhart Plow (Jet DLC) - 1574.00
Pesticide Launcher (Tier 8) - 31250.00
C93 Maldoror - 2120.85
d445 Stickerburr - 3618.66
Ewor Inc. ed-506 (Drop) - 1339.57
SV Diablero mk3 - 3553.43
Dt-35 Sleighride 2 (Drop) - 1779.47 (Homing)
Cavatrix 12 -    2231.17 (Homing)
Cavatrix 12 Auto (Battle DLC) - 3645.28
E-Tac MG 3 - 1625.00 (120 second Duration)
E-Tac Plasma 3 - 1600.00 (120 second Duration)
E-Tac Missile 2 - 800.00 (105 second Duration) *Best for Air*
E-Tac Autocannon 2 - 1712.00 (90 second Duration) *Best for enemies*
E-Tac Rocket 2 - 1608.00 (90 second Duration) *Best for Ant hills and Nests due to better radius and range than Plasma*

Use the Norwood APSMG vE it has the potential to waste ammo and the burst fire means they have a chance to move, but the Piercing makes it's DPS deceptively high even more so than the Battle Armor as if the Turret didn't make up alot of the damage already, for your second weapon if you're avoiding the Pesticide Guns take the d445 Stickerburr for Anthills and Nests.

Boerboel k9 - 4061.70
Shystem Arms B-OMG III - 4872.72
Hotfoot 6 (Drop) - 8158.09 (Incendiary)
Qhrqwhqhr Chingon le3 - 4029.62
Brougham ox-ox - 2180.26
Armachd Reamhar VX - 3518.01 (Split Airburst into Guided)
al-Din Desert Rose ++ (Drop) - 1040.00 (Airburst)
Grimhegern Splitzer b (Battle DLC) - 3151.22
Z15 Carcharias (Battle DLC) - 1679.60
Wallagis AD - 2852.41
Leviticus Dobro M - 1614.00 (2 Auto Locks)
Wallagis PopStar 9 (Drop) - 1791.84
Jagiri Systems ADD-H III (Drop) - 2322.15 (Silicate only)
Brux Fab TUSKER - 2139.06
Armachd Scrios mk4 - 2880.00 (Split)
C1 AirMail 4.0 (Drop) - 3960.00
Pesticide Mortar (Tier 8) - 31250.00 (Timed)
FS270 BullenBeisser - 4396.40
CG-CPL "AirBurner" - 1743.94 (Airburst Flechettes)
Flenser Ultra (Drop) - 5258.38

The Hotfoot 6 is the clear choice if you have it and then the C1 AirMail 4.0 for ant hills and nests if you're avoiding the Pesticide weapons, it's worth noting that the Pesticide Mortar is pretty hard to use while it keeps the power like all Pesticide guns it doesn't go very far and is on a timer making aiming harder aswell as getting away from the blast.

Hasslex G/PX - 3693.10
Neptanzer Qz - 4043.71
Flenser Plaz TZ - 3124.71
Plantain Ind. Sique5 (Drop) - 2038.38 (Homing)
Neptanzer QH Proto (Jet DLC) - 3729.50
Leichenzeit OW41 - 1951.87
al-Din Najmah he - 1965.33
Armachd Fearthainn b (Drop) - 6809.93 (Airburst)
GoatShrike 110e - 1891.01 (5 locks)
BZ Plaxicore t (Drop) - 1441.04
AT-14 Skillet - 1134.79
Jagiri Systems ADD-P III - 2759.62 (Silicate only)
Bohampscious Z - 2656.02
P22 Pestilox - 2321.67
Pepposo D mod4 (Drop) - 2375.56
Rhinoctor Plaz DV - 3555.17
Cepuelta-EPS v6 - 3987.69
Plantain Ind. Torchee k (Drop) - 2321.88 (Incendiary)
Lyzander Style (Drop) - 3352.49
Pesticide Rifle (Tier 8) - 125000

As you can see the Jet armor isn't particularly strong and while the Armachd Fearthainn b has strong potential DPS it's hard to focus that damage to make it usable. I'd take the Hasslex G/PX as the Neptanzer has a short range making it more of a shotgun than an assault rifle and the Goatstrike 110e if you're avoiding the Pesticide guns, the Goatstrike isn't so much for ant hills and nests as it is for air units the sheer number of auto-locks it has makes it very effect at quickly dispatching air troops where you can somewhat ignore the low DPS due to air units having lower health, the blast radius is fairly effective at hitting large groups so it's usable against ant hills and nests, just doesn't do tremendous damage to them or the ants or spiders coming out of them. The Pesticide Rifle is IMO the best Pesticide weapon due to being accurate at a range keeping you out of the blast radius reliably, it is however the weakest Pesticide gun, but IMO it's worth the tradeoff for being vastly more usable against mobs, it clearly is less effective against large units which you can feasibly get the distance to use the other more damaging Pesticide guns however the Mortar is still pretty hard to use due to the proximity you have to have to the large enemies who most can get out of the majority of the blast or force you to get caught in the explosion aswell. At level 8 if you don't mind using the clearly broken Pesticide weapons the Jet Trooper becomes pretty good compared to the others IMO especially end missions when you're primarily running or under pressure the Jet Trooper is the only one who can feasibly get away to use their weapon, while the Trooper isn't that much slower the Rockets are slower projectiles.

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