Fire Emblem Fates closest to canon hair colors

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Fire Emblem Fates closest to canon hair colors Empty Fire Emblem Fates closest to canon hair colors

Post  Dwlr on Thu Feb 25, 2016 6:24 am

These are purely for trying to get each character as close to their canon hair color as possible not for any form of benefit for the parents or children themselves.

Male Kana
Izana, Keaton, Niles, or Shura

Female Kana

Azura or Belka



Elise or Rinka









Selena or Sakura

Orochi or Hana

Mozu or Kagerou

Nyx or Orochi


Further to break down getting as many as possible your pairings will look like
Effie x Jakob or Male Corrin.
Corrin has a larger number of options to choose from whereas if you want Dwyer to have his canon hair you more or less need to pair Effie with Jakob.

Azura or Belka x Silas
Shigure's hair color is set, so you're really only concerned about Sophie's Hair Color Silas is a pretty solid unit with good growths either of them can support speed, but Azura has her own role to fill granting extra turns so Belka is going to be the better choice when talking about offensive pairing for the parents.

Setsuna x Kaze
Midori's hair color won't be spot on, but Setsuna has a green tinge to it which is as close as possible and nobody else really is ooking for Setsuna's hair color when talking about trying to hit canons.

Charlotte x Arthur, Xander, or Leo
I don't like Percy at all personally so I wouldn't waste Charlotte there to make him look as he should so that leaves Xander or Leo. I personally think Siegbert looks better with Felicia's hair color than Forrest does with Felicia's hair color, but both can sub Felicia for Charlotte if need be.

Elise x Niles or Odin
Whoever doesn't win Elise is going to have to settle for an off color hair. Charlotte is my favorite hair color for Nina and Felicia is mine for Ophelia, but both of those may have prior arrangements so you're going to have to settle somewhere. If you have a Female Corrin Niles gives Kana the proper hair color which you can then use Corrin to give the right hair color to Nina.

Rinkah x Benny
Rinkah being Hoshidan and Benny being Nohrian means Rinkah can only give the right hair color to Ignatius in Revelations freeing otherwise Benny is competing for Elise's haircolor against Odin and Niles.

Sakura x Azama, Saizo, or Subaki
Subaki can use the fairly uncontested Hinoka to get close to Caeldori's hair color so I'd give Sakura to Subaki. Saizo's son has orange hair officially so Sakura's hair color is pretty off as is, leaving Azama as the forerunner in my mind.

Nyx x Hayato or Keaton
Keaton and Nyx are both Nohrian which leaves Hayota as a Revelations only option, while Rhajat's hair color is black and Nyx has the only real black, Orochi can be used for Hayato's for a fairly close match.

Kagerou x Hinata or Ryoma
Ryoma can use Mozu and Mozu is probably a little closer than Kagerou's slightly dark hair, so it makes the most sense to give Kagerou to Hinata.

Selena x Subaki or Lazlow
Soleil has pink hair canonically and Subaki can use Hinoka's hair color if need be, but Lazlow can also be paired with Camilla and come close(ish).

Orochi x Takumi or Hayato
Rhajat IMO looks really odd without some semblance of black hair which makes me default to Orochi going to Hayato, plus Oboro seems more suited for Takumi given the in-game scripts if you have to outside the best fits.

Hana x Takumi or Kaden
Takumi IMO is the better archer due to being able to ignore terrain with his unique bow so I'm more apt to use Selkie than Kiragi which makes me default to Selkie and as mentioned before Oboro makes sense with Takumi even if the hair colors aren't quite right.

Mozu x Ryoma
Mozu is closest for Shiro and it's too and not a lot are competing for Mozu so it makes sense.

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